Rayman Legends Trophies

Full list of all 51 Rayman Legends trophies - 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Teensies' friend

    Rescue 150 Teensies

  • Teensies' hero

    Rescue 300 Teensies

  • The chosen one

    Rescue all the kidnapped Teensies

  • Lucky!

    Scratch 10 lucky tickets

  • Scratch me!

    Win and scratch all the lucky tickets

  • We could be heroes

    Collect enough lums to unlock 10 Heroes paintings in the Heroes Gallery

    1 guide
  • Sooo rich!

    Gather 1 million lums and unlock the final Hero

    2 guides
  • They're so cute!

    Win 30 creatures

    1 guide
  • I just love them!

    Win all the creatures

  • Master of the locks

    Break all the locks on the worlds' and levels' paintings

    1 guide
  • Invaders!

    Save enough Teensies and get rid of the Dark Teensies to make all the Invasion paintings appear

    1 guide
  • That was fast!

    Go fast enough to save 3 Teensies in an Invasion painting

  • Perfect!

    Get the 3 lums cups and the 3 Teensy cups of a painting

  • Swiped clean!

    Save all the Teensies in one world to win a Diamond Cup

  • Bronze Addict

    Win all the Bronze Cups from the paintings

  • Silver Addict

    Win all the Silver Cups from the paintings

  • Gold Addict

    Win all the Gold Cups from the paintings

  • Diamond Addict

    Win all the Diamond Cups from the World paintings

  • Nostalgia

    Finish your first "Back to Origins" painting

  • Old school

    Finish all the "Back to Origins" paintings

  • Turnip combo

    Pull a turnip out of the ground with a crush attack, then hit it with a jump kick

    1 guide
  • Strike!

    Kill 5 enemies using turnips

  • Gardener

    Pull 100 turnips out of the ground

    1 guide
  • This ain't a platform!

    Stand on top of an enemy with a shield until he tries to attack you

    2 guides
  • Axe skater

    With Barbara or Elysia, slide on your axe for 30 meters

    2 guides
  • Bad joke

    Destroy the parachutes of 5 enemies to make them fall

    1 guide
  • Shoot them up!

    Get rid of 100 enemies with the Flying Punch

  • Let him do the job

    In one run of "Lucha Libre Get Away", let the Luchador kill 10 enemies for you

    2 guides
  • Bouncing Island

    Collect all the lums flying above the bouncing island in "The Mysterious Inflatable Island"

    2 guides
  • Watch out!

    Kill 10 Toads using their electric projectiles

  • Splinter Ray

    Go through "Mansion of the Deep" without crossing any light from a Dark Sentry or touching any laser

    1 guide
  • Rubber Ducks

    Destroy 5 Rubber Ducks sent by Sharkmen

    2 guides
  • Just kick it!

    Win one Kung Foot game

    1 guide
  • Challenger!

    Unlock all the Challenge paintings

    1 guide
  • Everywhere!

    Take part at least once in the 4 different Challenges

    1 guide
  • First steps

    Win a Bronze cup at the end of a Challenge

  • On the way to the top!

    Win a Silver cup at the end of a Challenge

  • A true champion

    Win a Gold cup at the end of a Challenge

  • I'm ahead!

    Beat one of your friends' scores in a Challenge

    1 guide
  • The competitor

    Beat your friends' scores in the Challenges 30 times

    2 guides
  • Truly awesome!

    Reach the final level of Awesomeness