Rascal Revolt

PlayStation 4

Rascal Revolt Trophies

Most Earned

Anti programming
Anti programming30TrophyTypeDestroy 50 Robotrons in total
Be careful
Be careful15TrophyTypeResist with more than 50% of the standard's life during the King of the Park
Bouncing30TrophyTypeDestroy 150 MadBalls in total
Candy explosion
Candy explosion15TrophyTypeDefeat the Giant Piñata in The Duel

Least Earned

United we stand
United we stand15TrophyTypeUnravel an easter egg with the help of 3 other comrades during the Easter Quest
The last trick of the night
The last trick of the night15TrophyTypeComplete the Magical Lollipop objective
The best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy
The best Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy30TrophyTypeShoot all the missing children posters in Crater Station during the same Game
Rascal Revolution
Rascal Revolution180TrophyTypeGet 100% of the trophies
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