Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

PlayStation 3

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Trophies

Most Earned

Perfect Form
Perfect Form15TrophyTypePerform a perfect cast.
First Catch
First Catch15TrophyTypeCatch 1 fish of any species.
Perfect Hook
Perfect Hook15TrophyTypeGet a fish on your line with a perfect hook.
Original Feeling
Original Feeling16TrophyTypeCatch a fish with the Rapala® Original Floater® lure.

Least Earned

True Legend
True Legend68TrophyTypeCatch all 30 Monster Fish.
Expert Angler
Expert Angler409TrophyTypeUnlock all Trophies.
Master Challenger
Master Challenger201TrophyTypeComplete all Challenges on all lakes in single player Free Fishing mode.
Lure Master
Lure Master201TrophyTypeCatch at least one fish, any fish, with every lure.
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