PlayStation 3

Rango Trophies

Most Earned

Honorable Cowboy
Honorable Cowboy15TrophyTypeDefeat a shooter without using your gun
Three Sevens
Three Sevens15TrophyTypeCollect 1000 Sheriff Stars
Homesteader15TrophyTypeComplete Jenkins Cousins' Homestead
Bull's Eye!
Bull's Eye!15TrophyTypeHit a bullseye in Golden Bullet mode for the first time

Least Earned

The Bard
The Bard198TrophyTypeEarn every Trophy in Rango
Red, White & Blue Sevens
Red, White & Blue Sevens33TrophyTypeCollect 200 000 Sheriff Stars
Legend of the West
Legend of the West99TrophyTypeComplete hard mode and gather all unlocks & collectibles
Red Sevens
Red Sevens33TrophyTypeCollect 150 000 Sheriff Stars
All Rango Trophies