Rain Blood Prequel: Mirage

PlayStation 4

Rain Blood Prequel: Mirage Trophies

Most Earned

Quit Addiction
Quit Addiction16TrophyTypeKill Sword Addict
Secret But Nothing More
Secret But Nothing More16TrophyTypeFind the Secret House in 1-1
Mask Terminator
Mask Terminator18TrophyTypeKill Noble Mask
No Meat for You!
No Meat for You!18TrophyTypeKill Butcher

Least Earned

Wind Ripper
Wind Ripper31TrophyTypeSustain S for 20 seconds
Unstopable31TrophyTypeSurvive Mirage In Executer Mode
Sorry, On  A Tight Schedule
Sorry, On A Tight Schedule61TrophyTypeIn Night Slayer Mode, Defeat The Second Twin Bride 6 Seconds After Defeating The First One
Seriously?184TrophyTypeComplete Tower Rush.
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