Rain Blood Prequel: Mirage

PlayStation 4

Rain Blood Prequel: Mirage Trophies

Most Earned

Quit Addiction
Quit Addiction16TrophyTypeKill Sword Addict
Secret But Nothing More
Secret But Nothing More16TrophyTypeFind the Secret House in 1-1
Pain Deliver
Pain Deliver17TrophyTypePerform one S Combo
Mask Terminator
Mask Terminator17TrophyTypeKill Noble Mask

Least Earned

Lord of Mirage
Lord of Mirage375TrophyTypeGet All Trophies of Phantom Blade:Mirage
Ping Pong On The Water
Ping Pong On The Water61TrophyTypeIn Night Slayer mode, successfully rebound all cannon balls.
Lost Wheel Chair
Lost Wheel Chair61TrophyTypeIn Night Slayer mode, defeat the Mirage Lord without taking damage.
Catch That Fish
Catch That Fish61TrophyTypeIn Night Slayer mode, defeat Water Ghost before he enters water.
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