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RadioHammer Trophies

Most Earned

Cherry Blossom Love
Cherry Blossom Love15TrophyTypeComplete July Ann's Episode2 Story
Radio Hammer Rookie
Radio Hammer Rookie15TrophyTypeComplete July Ann's Episode1 Story
Sexy dynamite Ann
Sexy dynamite Ann16TrophyTypeComplete July Ann's Episode3 Story
You need more practice
You need more practice16TrophyTypeMiss attacks 150 times

Least Earned

The Legendary DJ
The Legendary DJ360TrophyTypeCollect all trophies
The Chaos World
The Chaos World180TrophyTypeComplete Celia's Story
Make Excellent
Make Excellent180TrophyTypeGet all Gold Medals in Track Play
Let's Broadcast
Let's Broadcast180TrophyTypeGet 3 Star results for all the stages
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