Racquet Sports

PlayStation 3

Racquet Sports Trophies

Most Earned

Human 1 - Machine 0
Human 1 - Machine 037TrophyTypeIn any sport, win a match against the computer with the computer scoring zero points
Pinball freak
Pinball freak19TrophyTypeIn Squash, perform a spectacular drop shot
Double bounce
Double bounce20TrophyTypeIn Table Tennis, score a point with the ball bouncing twice on the opponent's table
Icing on the cake!
Icing on the cake!42TrophyTypeIn any sport, win a match point with a successful Risky Shot

Least Earned

Platinum585TrophyTypeWin all trophies in Racquet Sports
Racquet collector
Racquet collector46TrophyTypeUnlock all the racquets in the Career
Tennis star
Tennis star86TrophyTypeWin the Masters league in Tennis with any character
Tennis legend
Tennis legend258TrophyTypeFinish first in a Tennis Masters season and win the Private Cup with any character
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