RUNNER Trophies

Here is the full list of all 26 RUNNER trophies - there are 12 bronze, 5 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum.

  • "I want it all"

    Unlocked every achievement "Who knows what the future holds...?"

  • "Easy Rider"

    Travelled 120 KM without losing or quitting even once "The SHIMA was unlike anything she'd ridden before. For once, Vice wasn't exaggerating: She'd lost track of how many KM they'd traversed already, yet the bike was as steadfast and solid as the first moment she'd hit the ignition..."

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  • "Credit where credit's due"

    Shot all the credits "Truth be told, it was a group effort..."

  • "Time stands still"

    Destroyed 10 enemies with a single R.U.S.H. charge "When R.U.S.H. mode is engaged, time seems to stand still -- though it represents an unorthodox application of augment energy, it can help one get out of some serious situations, in a pinch..."

  • "In the nick of time"

    Destroyed harasser with a skill shot "The HARASSERS are literal tanks; though their armor is nearly impenetrable, their firing system belies a serious design flaw..."

  • "In the zone"

    Maintained combo chain for 30 seconds "They came in waves, seemingly endless in their number. After a while, the world briefly melted away, as shot after shot hit its mark..."

  • "Think fast!"

    Destroyed an enemy with an obstacle "Sometimes, you have to improvise..."

  • "Too cool for school"

    Destroyed an enemy with a grenade without looking "Sometimes big surprises come in small packages..."

  • "Group discount"

    Destroyed 3 enemies with 1 missile "The micro-missiles were just the right size for the job - small enough to evade the ATLAS drone early-warning system, but big enough to pack a wallop..."

  • "Sword beats bullet"

    Deflected bullets with the saber "Despite appearances, it's not quite the same as the adage 'bringing a knife to a gun fight;' though the saber is impractical in nearly every other confrontational scenario, defense is something it always excelled at..."

  • "I always hated that picture..."

    Destroy 5 WANTED signs "As soon as she hit the L1, the ATLAS drones were on her. All throughout the city, AI controlled billboards suddenly lit up with that same mug shot. She'd always hated that picture. What had it been? Some irrelevant contraband like industrial cutters or stem bolts? Though it did bring back memories of simpler times."

  • "No littering"

    Destroyed all the empty bottles in the title screen "The drop was eerily quite, like everything these days. She had a moment to take a breather while Vice's words sunk in. Checkpoint pistols were a favored weapon; versatile, easily concealable. And Vice said these were prototypes. It struck her, then, that it might be a good idea to get familiar with them before hitting the road..."

  • "Nice catch!"

    Destroyed an enemy with the saber "One nice element of these prototype pistols was the built in EM saber; normally, energy blades of that type required bulky wiring and other modules for their most basic function, but these were top-of-the line, and mercifully free from such constraints..."

  • "Weak-Kneed"

    Achieved 100 weak-point kills "One reliable guarantee of nearly all ATLAS tech was its reliance on a compact synthetic Neon-9 core; less efficient than the real thing, these had the added complication of higher radiation output and greater thermal instability than would be considered acceptable for manned vehicles and craft, hence their primary use for automated mecha..."

  • "200 horses at 12,000 RPM!"

    Unlocked every bike "The SPARTAN; the CORE; the SCARAB; the CYBORG. Like the SHIMA, these were unique designs entirely native to N-351, a reflection of the needs that sparked their creation..."

  • "Lucky 7"

    Achieved "S" rank on every stage "Sometimes, it's a good day."

  • "All according to keikaku"

    Completed the game without losing. (Translator's note: Keikaku means plan.) "Miraculously, everything went according to plan, from start to finish. As the engine cooled, the promise of rescue and salvation loomed temptingly overhead...or, was it damnation...?"

  • "The Daedalus"

    Completed the Frontier stage and defeated The Daedalus "This was what it was all for; Caldera's deepest and darkest secret"

  • "The Manticore"

    Completed the Military Base stage and defeated The Manticore "What did Vice call it? A 'city killer?' finally seeing it up close gave her no reason to doubt the veracity of that statement..."

  • "The Basilisk"

    Completed the Pitch Tunnel stage and defeated The Basilisk "A high speed freight carrier, heavily armed and fully automated, snaking through the subterranean tunnels of the outskirts like some mythical dragon..."

  • "The Polyhedrone"

    Completed the Spaceport stage and defeated The Polyhedrone "Ostensibly designed as multipurpose maintenance platforms seeding the skies above Atheos Starport, these otherwise unassuming but massive drones hide a more sinister function..."

  • "The Hammerhead"

    Completed the Crystal Coast stage and defeated The Hammerhead "Caldera made it its goal to dominate every aspect of N-351's limited biome. Given the harsh environ the planet represented, the only thing nearly as precious as the neon-9 reserve was water; thus, it took steps to dominate that resource as well..."

  • "The Strider"

    Completed the Industrial District stage and defeated The Strider "The construct seemed to glide along the roadway on six legs like an insect, ostensibly as a means to more efficiently navigate the traffic, but in reality striking fear into any caught in its shadow..."

  • "The Razorback"

    Completed the Presidium Downtown stage and defeated The Razorback

  • "GTO"

    Completed the tutorial "The on-ramp was eerily empty, like some sort of calm before the storm. In the distance, the roar of the L1 loomed..."

  • "That bike's been customized just for me."

    Customized your ride with the paint kit "She considered changing the bike's paint job; perhaps ATLAST would have a harder time tracking her down...?"

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    • How many trophies are there in RUNNER?
      There are 26 trophies in RUNNER - 12 bronze, 5 silver, 8 gold and 1 platinum.
      You can view the full list of RUNNER trophies here.
    • Is RUNNER on PlayStation Plus?
      No, RUNNER is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
    • When did RUNNER release on PlayStation?
      RUNNER was released on February 21st, 2023.