Rebellion Video Teaser Of Upcoming Titles

Rebellion released a video of two of their upcoming titles, Rogue Trooper REDUX and Strange Brigade. Rebellion is known for titles such as Sniper Elite 4, Zombie Army Trilogy, and Aliens vs Predator.

Posted 7 years ago by Dave Bricker

ROGUE TROOPER REDUX's Developers Walk Us Through the Gameplay

The new title is actually based on a 2006 tactical shooter called Rogue Trooper, which in turn was based on a comic book. Today, one of the game's original programmers, Rich May, is here to walk us through the demo.

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Tavore

ROGUE TROOPER REDUX Trailer Asks Who is Rogue Trooper?

A new trailer for ROGUE TROOPER REDUX, TickTock Games' upcoming remake of the 2006 tactical shooter Rogue Trooper, shows off the remastered model of Rogue and talks about who and what he is.

Posted 7 years ago by Luc1d

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