4. Quantum of Solace MultiplayerUpdate notes

Due to server closures none of these trophies are obtainable anymore, but for the sake of thoroughness a guide on them will be included.

Now that the single player is out of the way, it’s time for the online trophies. Start off in Bond Vs. mode, which is going to be everyone else against a randomy chosen Bond. I suggest boosting this with only 4 total players to make the rotation shorter. Once you get your turn as Bond, defuse 2 of the bombs around the map. Once you do, the following will unlock:

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Bond Evasion mode is next. Teams will be an even 2v2, with someone on the MI6 team randomly chosen to be Bond. When you get your turn just run to the exit to unlock:

With that done, start up Territory Control. All you must do is here is win 5 matches, so approach the marked territory and sit in it long enough to move, repeat twice more, win granted. This will get you:

During this time you will likely also get:

With all of that done, it's time to do Golden Gun mode. This is where you will be grinding out 100 rounds, 1,000 kills, and 100,000 credits. It doesn't take very long and the copies you can run the faster it will go. Start off by picking up the golden gun and getting into cover near your boosting partners, then blindfiring at them until they die. Doing this 10 times unlocks:

At around your 13th or 14th kill, have someone kill you and take the gun. When they're done with kills, approach them and melee them for:

Keep this up, getting into cover for each Golden Gun kill. After 8-9 games you will unlock both:

Keep this process up ad nauseum. After around 10 games you unlock:

After 100 games you unlock:

Note that the Territory Control, Bond, and other games played also count for that. After 80-90 games of strictly Golden Gun you will unlock:

Another 20 or so games after that you should unlock:

Now that you’ve earned over 100,000 credits, you can buy everything in the shop, which will give you:

  • Chemin de Fer

    Unlock and purchase all weapons, grenades, attachments, gadgets, and golden weapons.

    Chemin de Fer

This should also unlock your platinum:

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