3. Quantum of Solace Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Start up a game on 007 difficulty and jump right into it. The below playlist will serve as a visual aid for all of the collectibles, so you can follow it alongside the text guide:

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White's Estate - (5 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

Go down the stairs and take cover immediately, as you'll be rushed by a few enemies. Headshot one of them for an instant kill to unlock:

With them dead, go down some more stairs and kill 2 more enemies. Hack the keypad on the right using the D-Pad and go into this area. Take down the enemy behind the corner, then take cover as 3 enemies rush onto the docks. Shoot the propane tanks to destroy the area, then stand next to the door on the left. Take down the enemy that opens it, then run up to the panel on the wall to hack the camera. Sprint through the greenhouse and take cover by the wall as the helicopter fires at you. Kill the gunner and pick up Cell Phone 1/55 from the railing in front of you.

Sprint down the next area and directly into an enemy for a takedown, then proceed to the next greenhouse. A number of enemies will attack you here, so take them out and proceed. Going up the left path in the next area, you'll find Cell Phone 2/55 on the white table here. Go up the next set of stairs and take cover on the wall. An enemy will shoot at you from the balcony, make sure you have your pistol out and headshot him once to cause him to fall and break the door. This will unlock:

Go down the stairs you just opened up to find Cell Phone 3/55 on the ground. Proceeding down the hall, go into the opening on the left and open the golden crate here. Take the shotgun inside for Weapon 1/13 before continuing down the hall. You'll be rushed by enemies in here, take them out and ascend the stairs across the room. This next room will have an enemy for an easy takedown and Cell Phone 4/55 on the center table. Go up the next set of stairs and fight off the enemies in the kitchen and dining room. The next room will have enemies above you on a balcony, take them out before checking the table directly across the stairs for Cell Phone 5/55. Ascend this next area until you find the library with a switch revealing a "secret door" in the wall. Enter it and hack the computer for a cutscene.

After the explosions, run out of the room and down the hall. Turn left near the stairs and shoot the enemy at the balcony below you before running downstairs. Go right and stick through this area, exiting back outside. Kill the 2 masked men out here, then run up the stairs to the helipad. Kill the guard here and shoot the helicopter for the end cutscene and:

Siena - (4 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

After the cutscene run straight ahead and down the stairs until you fall. Keep going through the tunnel until you fall again, taking down the enemy in your way. After your fall, crouch down and go through the hole on the right. After dropping down, you'll find yourself the target of a number of enemies. Take cover immediately and fire at them as they pop out to shoot. Move into the next area for more of the same, the pillar exploding and destroying the wall in front of you. Go into that area and kill the enemy here, turning left and following these tunnels until you reach the ladder that triggers a cutscene.

The next area has a few enemies firing from above you as well as from the ground, so kill the closest ones first before taking out the furthest ones above you. The table behind you has Cell Phone 6/55, so grab that before turning around and checking the rooftop to the left to see a white satellite dish. Shoot it for Satellite 1/7 before going up the stairs and climbing the striped pole here. Climb through the window here and go into the next bedroom, checking the night table on the left for Cell Phone 7/55. Look to the left here and check the golden crate for Weapon 2/13. Go outside and up the stairs, looking behind you and to the left side of the roof for Satellite 2/7. Turn around and look into the distance and slightly left for Satellite 3/7. Move left and look on the roof to the right for Satellite 4/7 and for Satellite 5/7 a little further in that direction. Jump across the roof and immediately turn around, looking up for Satellite 6/7. The next section has a number of enemies both above and below you, use your shiny new magnum to deal with them. With them dead, drop down and take the ammo on the left. Go into the next room and pick up Cell Phone 8/55 from the corner. Blast the enemies in the next area, which is where I unlocked:

If you haven't gotten it yet, you likely will soon. Move to the end of the room and kill the enemies below you before jumping across to where they were. In this next building go up the stairs and around to the top door to find Cell Phone 9/55. Go down one flight and outside, looking left for Satellite 7/7 and:

Kill the enemies firing at you and drop down onto the bus, running across the top and climbing the pipe here. Take cover and fire at the roped up bell across the church to knock out the scaffold and kill the snipers. Kill the enemies on your way until you reach the base of the church, which will culminate in a QTE and end the mission.

Opera House - (3 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy, 4 cameras)

Your main objective in this level is to not get spotted by guards, as well as collecting all of the other stuff. Start off by breaking away from the wall and hacking the wall box for Camera 1/10. Run down the hall and wait for the camera to move away, then check the left area for a box to disable for Camera 2/10. Go down the hall and check the ladder on the left for Cell Phone 10/55. Proceed through the docks until you get to the switches. Hit the left switch once and the right switch twice to balance the platforms. Crouch under and wait for the electricity before passing through, then equip your silencer and take out the enemy standing here. Go to the left and duck under the dock, coming up the pipes on the right and killing the enemy on the right side. Move to the end of this room and go left, killing the patrolling guard when he stops. Go up the stairs and hit the switch to drop the container, walk over it and up the planks. Go into the room on the right, wait for the camera to move, then hit the box under it for Camera 3/10. Walk to the end of this room and out the door, immediately ducking and going right along the side of the building for a box which disables Camera 4/10. Move a bit ahead, crouching under the stairs and finding the box for Camera 5/10.

Move left, up, and immediately right as you make your way out of here. A guard will patrol from right to left, kill him when he stops and proceed up the stairs in front of him. Go left and up some more stairs to find Cell Phone 11/55, then climb the ladder on the right. The next section will consist of you jumping from ledge to ledge as a sniper does a patrol across from you. Once you reach the other side climb the stairs, killing the sniper up here before moving up to the roof and unlocking:

Your next objective is to counter-snipe all the enemies across the way from you. This will end with a cutscene, afterwards make your way up the stairs and immediately take cover. Kill both snipers here and go to the area they were guarding, balancing your way across the beam. After coming down from the beam check the corner on the right for Cell Phone 12/55. Drop down to the left and run to the end of this walkway for a crate containing Weapon 3/13. Take it an start using it to kill the enemies below before you can drop down to the docks. Fight your way through, moving as quickly as possible before the timer in the corner runs down. Jump over the dock at the end to finish this mission.

Sinkhole - (1 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

Start off by dodging the helicopter gunfire, taking cover as you make your way down the hill. Once it pauses, run to the net bit of cover until you reach the broken airplane. Wait in here until you can run ahead, jumping over the rocks and getting into the cave. Drop down after the cave and run all the way left through the water, crouching your way up the hill and up the plane tail to take down the enemy up here to take his weapon. Immediately drop down and use the tail for cover, 3 enemies will fire at you from above. Take them out and proceed, the next area will be swarming with militants. Drop down and watch your flanks, as they like throwing smoke grenades and rushing you. Once it's clear, move ahead and up the hill to another horribly frustrating combat section. Stay in cover and pop up to take them out, then move into the cave ahead. Go through the cave and down the slope, crouching into the helicopter for a turret section. Ammo is unlimited and there's no overheating, so feel free to spray wildly until you can advance.

Go to the right and climb up the ledge here, killing the guard above you. Pass under the rock and go up the slope and check the area you killed the guard for Cell Phone 13/55. Go into the cave and kill the enemies here, traveling to the end of this cavern for Weapon 4/13. Pick this up as well as the M14 from the crates. Snipe the enemies below you and take out the troublesome ones across from you. During this gunfight, a helicopter will show up. There is an trophy for killing the pilot before the gunners, so take your time and make the shot count and you will get:

If you kill the gunner by accident, you can reload the checkpoint and try again, but remember to get the special weapon again. Once you finish the level you will get the next story based trophy:

Run down into the sand pit and up the small slope, picking up Cell Phone 14/55 from the bar after killing both enemies. Kill the enemies congregated on the beach before moving to the left across it, taking cover and blowing up the canister above the jeep. Move up to the shack on the left, blowing up the propane tank to the left of the door when the enemies exit. Go into the shack and check the room on the right for Cell Phone 15/55. Leave through the door behind the phone and climb the ladder, picking up Cell Phone 16/55 from the top of the shack here. Follow the path until you reach another shack, taking Weapon 5/13 from the crate and climbing the ladder. Take cover up here, blindfiring your new weapon to kill your attackers. When the game prompts you, take cover and kill the attackers from the right. A door will open across from you to the front, shoot the canister inside to destroy the enemies and truck in the surrounding area. Go back downstairs and approach the digger to end this short level.

Construction Site - (no collectibles)

Run after the bomber, making an immediate left after the pipes and following the path as it ascends. The path is very linear, follow it to the crane and balance your way up. Move through the site until you get to a cracked wall you can break down, follow the site until you reach a ledge you can jump from. Balance yourself on the crane until you get to the end, then jump again. Do the same on the 2nd crane, then jump down at the end. Drop down again here, opening the door and using the lift to go down to ground level. Chase the van to end this level and unlock:

Science Centre: Outside - (5 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

At the very start of this level there is a trophy to unlock. You will need to pick off the 6 guards on the hotel opposite of you with one shot each. If you miss, you will have to reload the checkpoint and have another go. 3 will be on the bottom balcony and 3 more will be on the roof. If you get them all you will unlock:

Turn around and walk under the billboard to find Cell Phone 17/55. Go through the door and you'll end up in the alley below. Sneak up behind every enemy here and perform takedowns on them, going into the truck afterwards and picking up Cell Phone 18/55 from the crate. Leave the trailer through the opening on the right, hacking the door here and taking Cell Phone 19/55 from the cart on the left. Leave this room and go into the next alley, taking down the enemies here. Take cover by the truck and kill the enemies around the corner, with more spawning as you move up. Climb into the trailer on the left and pick up Cell Phone 20/55. Step out from the trailer and look to the fire escape above you to the left, killing the enemy up there. Ascend to the roof, taking down the enemy that pops out from the door. Check inside this room for Weapon 6/13. Go up to the roof and approach the ledge, climbing over it. Time your shimmying to pass the spotlight undetected, then climb the ladder on the other side. Once you get to the roof, kill the 2 enemies directly in front of you. Move to the vent the 2nd enemy was hiding behind and examine the ground here for Cell Phone 21/55. Make your way across the roof, taking enemies down. This is where I unlocked:

Continue on until 3 enemies gather around an explosive container, blow it up and take cover against the structure on the left. A helicopter will fly up, blindfire at the gunners and proceed on for more enemies and rooftop. Around the corner there will be a few more enemies, with 2 on the roof above the structure. Kill them and go around the corner. A chopper will come in for the kill, unleash some rounds out of the grenade launcher at it, about 7 should do the trick. Speed is quite useful here since when the helicopter makes a pass it drops some guards, which can make things a bit trickier. Destroying it ends the level, so take it out as soon as you can and end this section.

Science Centre Interior - (6 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy, 3 cameras)

Start off by walking ahead and around the corner, taking out the enemy here and picking up Cell Phone 22/55 from the left side of the room. Go down the stairs and into the next room, taking cover. Sneak around the walkway until the guards walk away into the next room. When they do, disable the box for Camera 6/10 on the left wall and stealthily take them both down. The floor in the next room contains Cell Phone 23/55, grab it and proceed on until you come to a hackable door. Unlocking it will alert the next room full of enemies, so stick behind wall cover and take them out. Moving up will spawn a few more from the doors ahead, and moving to the center catwalk will cause a cluster of 3 to spawn across from you next to a gas canister. Blow it up and balance across the pipes, then go up the ladder on the left to the vent. Drop out on the other side and slide the rope down to the basement.

In the next room, hack the door to the workshop. Hack the control panel for the cameras if you wish, then go into the next room and take down the enemy in here silently. On the table is Cell Phone 24/55. Walk past the open door on the right and examine the box hidden in the dark section of the wall by some pipes around the corner for Camera 7/10. Proceed through the hall, taking cover against the wall after the next set of doors to take out the guard on patrol here. Continue down the hall until you come to a room with monitors, kill the guard in here and check the table in the room to the right for Cell Phone 25/55. Round the corner and take down the guard here, then return to where you picked up the phone and interact with the blinking yellow light on the desk to open the elevator doors. Enter them and be ready to shoot as soon as they open. The elevator will be attacked, and soon the emergency hatch will open. Climb up the ladder here and the ladder in the elevator shaft to narrowly escape the explosion.

2 enemies will rush you, both next to a gas canister. You know what to do, then get into cover and move right. Cell Phone 26/55 can be found on a display case close by on the right side. Further right, into the next room, you will find a case containing Weapon 7/13. Take it and return to the previous room, taking cover behind the wall facing over the main area. If you look ahead you'll see 4 metal supports with lights attached to them, 2 on each side of the room. Shoot down all 4 to unlock:

Kill the 2 enemies on each side of the balcony, then run to the left side and down the stairs. Another enemy will be waiting down here, take him out and check the overturned cleaning cart to the left at the bottom of the stairs for Cell Phone 27/55. Push ahead slowly, the ceiling will collapse and a fire will break out. Make your way to the right and find cover, enemies will pour in from the front and left of the area. Use your power weapon to blindfire at them, then move forward a bit more to spawn another wave. After you clear them all, the center area will open up and your target will be waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Kill him to end this mission.

Miami Airport - (5 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy, 4 cameras)

Your goal here once again is to avoid detection. Move ahead and patch into the cameras here, exiting the room and taking down the guard here. Go into the office across where you came from to find Cell Phone 28/55 on the table. Go down the hall and straight into the cubicle in front of you, disabling the box on the wall for Camera 8/10. Quickly kill the guard walking around here, then go down the left hall. Wait for the camera around the corner to move away from you, then run to it and interact with the box to the left for Camera 9/10. Hack the door next to you and download the virus onto the computer. A scene will occur, move to the right wall when you can. Take down the guard when he enters and continue down the hall. Take cover behind the wall here and wait for the guard on the lower level to move away, then headshot the guard in front of you. Move up and kill the guard walking away before turning left and killing the 3rd enemy here. Go down the stairs and left, making a right at the end of the hall. Hack the door on the left, patch into the cameras, then upload the virus again. Exit this room and use the center pillar for cover from the camera, killing the guard when he comes in front of you and quickly moving to the box on the left for Camera 10/10 and:

But there are still more cameras in the game, one of which being right around the corner from you. Approach the guard and move behind him into the cubicle, jumping over the divider. When the camera is facing away from him, get a headshot then quickly disable it. Go to the right and pick up Cell Phone 29/55 from the shelf here. Hack the door in front of you and upload the next part of the virus for:


    In Airport, save the Skyfleet servers without breaking stealth.


Enemies will pour in and attack the server room, stay in cover in the room where you uploaded the virus and take them all out. Move ahead and out the door on the right, looking in the gated area to the right of the white van for Cell Phone 30/55 and:

NOTE: Both "For Your Eyes Only" and "Moonraker" glitched on me as well as many others. There is a fix, but unfortunately it requires you to replay the entire game up to this level. I will detail the fix at the end of the walkthrough. It is advised you finish this playthrough, so you can breeze through the game on New Recruit to mop up the collectibles if they glitched.

Go up the stairs and kill the guard here, moving into the door on the right to find Weapon 8/13 on the ground. Keep it equipped as you move into the next room, moving right and aiming at the fence below you. Fire a shell once the guards jump over for an easy set of kills. Switch to your SMG and take cover behind the pillar closest to the stairs to pick off the rest. When they're dead, move halfway down the stairs before moving back up to the same pillar and taking cover. Enemies will come from the left, so clear them out from here as well. With them dead, descend the stairs and go left, taking Cell Phone 31/55 from the red cart.

Go down the slope and over the luggage to the right, immediately taking cover for another firefight. Once these guys are taken care of, ascend the ladder on the left side of the room. Stay up top and kill the first enemy wave, then drop down and take cover by the pillar for the next set. Once it's clear, go up the stairs to the right and into the small room to find Cell Phone 32/55. Move ahead and kill the remaining few guards before opening the hangar doors. Run up the small stairway to the left and take out the enemy directly across from you, then wait for the target to run to the luggage cart which exposes him directly and take him out to end this mission. You'll unlock:

Montenegro Train - (5 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

As soon as this level starts exit your room and turn right, finding Cell Phone 33/55 in the next cabin. Continue down to the end of the hall, the door on the left will open for you. Climb the ladder and you'll pull out your P99. You want to only fire this weapon for the entire time on the train. Get the drop on the enemies below you and check the right side of the car for Weapon 9/13. Go to the end of the car and pick up Cell phone 34/55 from the right of the ladder, then climb it to the roof. Turn around and jump onto the freight car, taking ammo for your pistol. The next area has enemies on the train across from you, so take them out from cover. Move into the next car, killing the next group. Once they're all clear, take cover at the end of the car since the container across from you will open. Clear it, then walk down and check the box on the right for Cell Phone 35/55. Climb the ladder and immediately take cover, killing the 2 enemies shooting at you here. Jump down and take cover in this cart as it gets shot up. Once that's done, approach the doors and a countdown will begin. Shoot the gas canister on the right, then rush ahead and kill the survivor. Jump onto the other car before it separates.

On here, approach the left barrier and jump over it. Shimmy across the ledges and turn the corner, killing the enemies here. Turn around and uncouple the train car, moving onto the one ahead before it separates. Kill the enemies in the next container and exit as another guard jumps across the trains. Follow him, and you will unlock:

Kill the enemies in the next car with the explosives lying around, then proceed into the next one. Clear it in a similar manner, then approach the table in the middle of the car to find Cell Phone 36/55. Climb the ladder and take cover, clearing the top of the train car. You have to time your movement here, never jump on the elevated spaces when you'll be hit by the lights above. Clear three of these platforms, then drop down into the hatch in the floor. Behind you on a shelf is Cell Phone 37/55 so grab it and climb back up the ladder. Jump over to the next train car, dropping into the hatch and clearing this car of enemies. Go down to the end of the car, taking the last door on the left and climbing the ladder here for another riveting QTE boss fight.

Casino Royale - (3 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

The first thing to do here is to reach the spa without killing or alerting any guards. Start off by waiting for the first guard to move right, then approach the balcony. When the guard here leans over, go to the left and jump over to the ledge. Shimmy across here, making sure to not be seen by the guards inside. After dropping down, move left through the room and right in the hall. Wait for the guard here to move, then enter the room he was blocking. Approach the other door in here and wait for the guard to pass. Once he does, get to the laundry cart across the hall and move it. Approach the other laundry cart on the left and move that one, immediately jumping on top of it onto the shelf and opening the vent above you. Follow the vent around until you unlock:

Then restart the mission. Kill the guards in this first area, then enter the room on the right, checking the table for Cell Phone 38/55. Shimmy across the balcony ledge once more, killing the guard in front of you. Go left in this room and kill the guard to your left, picking up Cell Phone 39/55 from the night stand on the right. A guard will likely be emerging from the bathroom behind you, so kill him and go into the next hall. Kill the guard here, move both laundry carts again, and get into the vent. Follow the vent to the spa, where another terrible fight will occur. Hide in the room you drop into as much as possible, going through the spa on the right side when you clear it out a bit. Kill the enemy in the room at the end of the hall and prepare for 2 more to come through the door across from you. Go into that room next, taking cover and clearing it. Crouch while in cover to get a good shot on the 2 enemies above and use the fire extinguisher on the few across from you. With this clear, move onto the balcony and go right to shimmy some more. Upon reaching the other side, take cover and wait. The guard will come into the room and another will pass in the hall. Kill the one in the room, then exit and pass by the vending machines. Kill the waiting guard in the next hall, then go into the room on the right to find Cell Phone 40/55. Leave this room and move to the end of the hall, going all the way left and hacking the door. Jump over the desk and right into hell.

Run straight ahead, taking cover by the pillar. Clear out the ground floor from here until you get a checkpoint. Once you do, go up the stairs and take cover behind the luggage carts. Enemies will come from both sides, so clear them all out from here. More will spawn below you, kill them from up here until 3 more spawn from a door in between floors. Kill them and enter the door for another QTE boss.

Poison - (No collectibles)

A non-level really, just follow the super linear path until you get outside. Cross the street and go down the stairs to find your car and unlock:

Barge - (6 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy, 2 cameras)

Move ahead and into the trailer on the right to find Cell Phone 41/55. Jump through the window ahead of you and disable the camera, then takedown the enemy here. Kill the enemy in the next room and pick up his sniper. You have 2 minutes to clear the barge across the way from you. Start by shooting the explosives next to the blinding searchlight on the right, then pick off the enemies as they drop from above or through doors. Once Vesper makes it around the corner you will unlock:

Go left to the end of the warehouse and down the stairs, waiting for the enemy to kick in the door. Kill him and the 2 guys with him, then check the right side of the room to find Cell Phone 42/55 on a table here. Go left and take cover at the container here, killing the enemies around the corner on the ship. Cell Phone 43/55 can be found on a crate to your left, so grab it and move up the gangway to the ship. Take cover and kill the enemies around the corner. Once it's clear, go to the container at the other end of the ship and look inside for Cell Phone 44/55. Go to the other end of the ship, shooting the explosives through the window to blow the door open. Enter this next area and check the rooms on the right, finding a shelf in the back with Cell Phone 45/55 and Weapon 10/13 on the ground right next to it.

In the next batch of containers you'll find a ladder to climb, run off in front of you as soon as you get up yo avid gunfire. In this building you'll fin Cell Phone 46/55. Stay in here and kill the enemies in front of you, then move out and take cover in the center structure to deal with the rest. The explosion will drop a container in front of you, go through it and up the stairs to interact with the button to open the doors. Drop down to end this level.

Venice - (4 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

Start off by following the path straight until you pull out your gun, then check the park bench behind the wall straight ahead for Cell Phone 47/55. Go up the stairs in the next area and headshot the 2 guards on the right before immediately taking cover. This area is absolutely swarming with enemies, so keep an eye on the right staircase and let them funnel up to you. A few will likely linger downstairs, so clear them out before moving down so you can get a checkpoint. Once you do, more enemies will appear up top and from the sides. Clear them out from cover and exit through the gate on the right, turning left down the alley and right into a crevice to find Cell Phone 48/55. Turn back down the alley and go in the other direction, following the path up some stairs. Jump from the balcony onto the wooden beam and balance across it, picking up Cell Phone 49/55 from the chair in the room you enter. Leave this room and go across the walkway, taking cover for the next fight.

Once enemies gather under the boat, shoot it to take most of them out. Clear the area from up here before proceeding into the building, stopping to check a table on the top floor for Weapon 11/13. Take it and go back outside, where a number of enemies have gathered below you. Take them out and move past the archway, looking at the planter to the left for Cell Phone 50/55. Go over the bridge and use the boat to get across the water. Shimmy across and climb over when the guard turns his back for an easy kill. Go into the construction site as the building starts to flood. Go down the corridor and get the jump on the enemy there, then take cover at the corner and kill his friends. Move through the water and up the stairs, taking cover behind the bricks here as you clear the area of enemies. Keep moving to the top of the building until you get attacked in a cutscene. Bond will grab a nail gun, make sure you get 1 shot directly in your attackers head. If you miss, restart checkpoint. If he dies in one hit you will unlock both:

Echo Hotel - (5 mobile/cell phones, 1 special weapon, 1 missable trophy)

Finally at the end of this abomination. Walk down to the ramp directly ahead of you and aim your weapon. A car will speed towards and your goal is to hit the driver with 1 shot and move out of the way. It will take multiple attempts, just restart from checkpoint if you miss. Once you get him, you'll unlock:

Go up to the scene of the crash and find the body that was thrown from the car on impact. In front of it you'll find Cell Phone 51/55 in the sand. Go down the ramp once more and kill the guard running into the parking lot. Go left and enter the security office here to find Cell Phone 52/55 on the desk. Stay in here to clear the garage, most enemies will eventually rush to you. Once it's all clear, move up and to the right and enter the small room here. Cell Phone 53/55 will be on table in front of you. Move up a bit and backtrack once the shutters start opening. Kill the enemies from in here before proceeding, sticking to the right. More will rush from here, so clear them out. Once they're gone 3 more will open the door directly across from you. With them wiped out, move up and go into the area next to the stairs on the right to find Weapon 12/12 on the ground and unlock:

Go through the open door and up the stairs, hacking the lock here for:

Turn right here and around the corner to find Cell Phone 54/55 on the countertop. Enter the next area and wait for the shutter to open and reveal 2 guards. Kill them and go into the next hall. Shoot the fire extinguisher on the ground to clear the path, then fight your way into the kitchen. Go left and shoot the extinguisher on the wall, then move up and do the same to the right wall. Kill everyone in this room and the next, then head for the open doors. Look into the storage room on the right first to find Cell Phone 55/55 and unlock:

Proceed down the corridor, waiting for the fire blast to pass before going up the stairs. When the floor collapses go into the room on the left, passing through to the outside and fighting the enemies here. At the other side of the balcony the explosive tanks to shoot will make themselves obvious. Blow them up and take ammo from the box, then go out the main door and walk across the beam. Go left and down the ramp, finding yourself in a big combat area. Go to the right side and take cover by the chest high wall here, using your LMG to blindfire at the enemies. Once they're all dead, you'll be asked to hack the door. Approach it and be hit by an explosion, sending you flying back. When you come to, take cover and fire at the explosives on the left and right side of the area above. Once you do, turn around and run. Jump over the collapsed stone and drop down from the hotel to finally end the game and unlock:

Congratulations on completing the campaign! Potentially, anyway. Every single collectible trophy (cell phones, hacks, weapons, and cameras) glitched on me in my playthrough. In my particular case, the game did not save any of my data prior to the Science Center Interior level. I had to replay the first portion of the game and collect everything again. You may have an entirely different glitch, which can only be resolved by signing in a profile on a second controller and launching the game with it. On the main menu, start playing the first level on New Recruit with your main account. Phones should reappear and progress should hopefully stick.

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