Puss In Boots

PlayStation 3

Puss In Boots Trophies

Most Earned

Scratch That
Scratch That15TrophyTypePerform a Claw Frenzy
Adios, Amigo
Adios, Amigo15TrophyTypeBoot an enemy into a trap
Me-ow!15TrophyTypeSerenade a senorita
En Garde
En Garde15TrophyTypeDefeat the cat lover

Least Earned

The Cat's Whiskers
The Cat's Whiskers206TrophyTypeAll other trophies have been collected
Legendary103TrophyTypeGold medal on every level
These Eyes Tell No Lies
These Eyes Tell No Lies101TrophyTypeDiscover every type of trap
Such Moves, Such Handsomeness
Such Moves, Such Handsomeness33TrophyTypeGet a perfect time in the Beanstalk
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