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Pure Chess

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Pure Chess Trophies

Most Earned

Check15TrophyTypePut an opponent in check in an exhibition game.
Promotion18TrophyTypeAdvance a pawn to the eighth rank in an offline game.
Checkmate18TrophyTypeWin an exhibition game against the computer.
Amateur23TrophyTypeComplete all the tutorials.

Least Earned

Grandmaster525TrophyTypeAchieve an ELO of 2500 or a Grandmaster Pure Chess rating.
Tournament King
Tournament King132TrophyTypeComplete Tournament mode on all three difficulties.
Problem Wizard
Problem Wizard126TrophyTypeSolve 100 mate problems.
Epaulette Mate
Epaulette Mate99TrophyTypeDeliver checkmate where the king is blocked on both sides by his own rooks.
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Not only do we get the monthly Playstation Plus specials, there is also a long list of titles that are discounted in the Innovators sale.

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