Punch Club

Punch Club

Punch Club

Punch Club Trophies

Full list of all 21 Punch Club trophies - 21 bronze.

  • 5th Place

    You've just taken 5th place in the league. Keep going!

  • Street fighter

    You did it! You've won 5 times. I always believed in you!

  • Training results

    Now your shape is better than ever! You look even better than me.

  • Take the challenge

    The first bloody fight - done!

  • Сrime Fighter

    You've proven yourself as a true defender of your wallet! I think all criminals will avoid you now.

  • Trouble in Little China

    There is no more trouble in Little China. No more chinese food for me.

  • Triple B

    You've beaten Big Bob! He doesn't need your clothes anymore. Now he needs some new teeth!

  • King of the Hill

    Crime - prison - kick some ass - freedom !