PulzAR (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

PulzAR (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Hard Rain
Hard Rain15TrophyTypeComplete a level before the meteors start raining down.
Let's Blow This Thing!
Let's Blow This Thing!15TrophyTypeWatch the entire flight of the missile and the impact on the asteroid.
Resource Efficiency
Resource Efficiency16TrophyTypeComplete a level without using all AR Play Card objects.
That's No Moon!
That's No Moon!17TrophyTypeLook up at the asteroid in the sky while playing a level.

Least Earned

Galaxy48TrophyTypeCollect all 75 of the stars in the game.
Omega144TrophyTypeComplete all of the levels.
Epsilon24TrophyTypeComplete all of the Epsilon levels.
Delta23TrophyTypeComplete all of the Delta levels.
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