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Most Earned

Beachcombing34TrophyTypeTo see a world in a grain of sand...
The Circular Ruins
The Circular Ruins17TrophyTypeDoes it exist within the heart of a stone? Did I see it when I saw all things and then forget it?
The Hidden Door
The Hidden Door18TrophyTypeWe have to find the door, daddy.
Silent and Void
Silent and Void18TrophyTypeThere is a thing confusedly formed, Born before heaven and earth. Silent and void It stands alone and does not change, Goes round and does not weary. It is capable of being the mother of the world, But I know not its name.

Least Earned

Generall Historie of Plantes
Generall Historie of Plantes58TrophyTypeIf delight may provoke men's labour, what greater delight is there than to behold the earth apparelled with plants?
Unraveling the Landscape
Unraveling the Landscape162TrophyTypeSome of these developed stone rows or processional walks that channelled the approach of both the dead and those wishing to commune with them.
The Further One Goes
The Further One Goes24TrophyTypeWithout stirring abroad One can know the whole world. Without looking out of the window One can see the way of heaven. The further one goes The less one knows.
Lost Gods of Albion
Lost Gods of Albion22TrophyTypeWe had strayed into some region where the frontiers of some unknown world lay close about us.
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