Pressure Overdrive Trophies

Full list of all 21 Pressure Overdrive trophies - 21 bronze.

  • Demolition Master

    Defeated 5 enemies with one strike.

  • Untouchable

    Finished a level without taking any damage.

  • Spa-Rodeo

    Had a Spatank drag the buggy with a grappling hook for 30 seconds.

  • Make it count

    Defeated 20 enemies while a powerup was active.

  • The Endless 20

    Finished 20 levels in Endless mode.

  • Under Pressure

    Finish a level without driving on 'low pressure'.

  • Hitman

    Finished 10 Hornets with the railgun without missing once.

  • Muffled up

    Finished a level with the buggy at maxed-out hull.

  • Full Pressure

    Finished a level with a buggy at maxed-out pressure capacity.

  • Tesla's Memorial

    Finished a level with a fully upgraded Teslagun and Tesla secondary.

  • Splosion Buggy

    Finished a level with having activated underbody or rear explosives for 20 times.

  • Gotta catch 'em all!

    Defeated all enemies on a level (Tutorial excluded).

  • Pop the Piñata

    Let a Sucker suck at least 10 pressure pills before destroying it.

  • Pipes laid

    Defeated the Riverbed Boss in Level 11.

  • Derailed

    Defeated the Castle Boss in Level 22.

  • Countdown

    Defeated the Underground Boss in Level 33.

  • Easy, now…

    Finished the campaign on the Easy difficulty level.

  • Respectable

    Finished the campaign on the Normal difficulty level.

  • The Hard Way

    Finished the campaign on the Hard difficulty level.