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Pox Nora

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Pox Nora Trophies

Most Earned

Critical Spelling Mistake
Critical Spelling Mistake15TrophyTypeKill an enemy champion with a spell
Testing the Waters
Testing the Waters53TrophyTypePlay 5 Custom Games
Target Eliminated
Target Eliminated75TrophyTypeKill an enemy relic with a spell
Exotic Hunting
Exotic Hunting43TrophyTypeWin a Ranked Game with an Exotic rune in the deck

Least Earned

Why Am I Wet?
Why Am I Wet?75TrophyTypeWin a Ranked Game with a Forglar Swamp deck
Who Wants to Fight Me!
Who Wants to Fight Me!450TrophyTypeWin 40 Ranked Games
What is your Quest?
What is your Quest?450TrophyTypeComplete a full set of Heroic Quests before time runs out
Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger75TrophyTypeWin a Ranked Game with a K'thir Forest deck
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Pox Nora E3 Trailer

Desert Owl Games has released a trailer for their upcoming fantasy game Pox Nora

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