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Potion Party
Type Game
Publisher FusionPlay
Platform PS4
Discovered 08 Apr 2021
Last check 28 Apr 2021
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Release date 08 Apr 2021

Step into the colorful world of Potion Party, and run your own alchemy shop in this fast-paced party game!
Grow exotic fruits, and synthesize them together to produce fabulous potions! Earn gold, grow your humble shop, and unlock new and unique characters, each with their own special skills. Using your earnings, decorate and grow your shop with an array of different items. Beware however - enemies and intruders lurk in the shadows, who want to mess up your shop! Defend against them and maintain the best shop possible.
Brew potions together with up to 4 friends in co-op mode, or play against them in versus mode to crown the best alchemist in the group.
Are you ready to join this boiling hot party?

• Create, combine, and sell potions from your very own alchemy shop!
• Mix bright powders and bubbling potions to create new colors!
• Upgrade and decorate your alchemy shop with new items and equipment
• Join with friends in Couch-Coop multiplayer with up to 4 players!
• Defend your shop against plotting creatures and thieving villains
• Play in Story-Mode alone, or together with up to 4 players to earn gold and unlock new stages and gameplay modes.
• Unlock Versus-Mode, and play against your friends; Compete in two teams to brew potions as fast as you can!
• Reach Endless-Mode and test your skills in keeping open the store as long as you can.
• Enjoy cute, stylized pixel graphics
• A total of 5-10 hours of gameplay, with a wide selection of unlockable items and replayable solo and multiplayer modes
• Unlock more than 20 items as you grow your shop: decorative items which give you passive boosts, or store equipment which grant new and useful abilities
• Unlock 11 unique characters, each with their own special abilities
• Upgrade your character abilities to maximize their bonuses.
• No micro-transactions! Everything is unlocked by playing the game.

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