PlayStation 4

Polybius Trophies

Most Earned

FUR-st Step
FUR-st Step15TrophyTypeComplete any level
Quick OX-it
Quick OX-it16TrophyTypeFinish a level under full boost
Maiden Over
Maiden Over20TrophyTypeComplete a level without losing a shield
Decade26TrophyTypeGet to level 10

Least Earned

Teen Spirit
Teen Spirit90TrophyTypeGet to level 13 in YOLO mode
Tauroctony90TrophyTypeKill 1000 cattle during a game
Pure Dedication
Pure Dedication90TrophyTypeGet to level 30 in Pure Mode
The Journey To Basingstoke
The Journey To Basingstoke423TrophyTypeFinish the game in Normal mode
All Polybius Trophies