Polara (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Polara (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

No pain no gain
No pain no gain17TrophyTypeGet a "Special".
Destroy the wall
Destroy the wall21TrophyTypeBeat the BOSS down.
Separated word
Separated word21TrophyTypeComplete "POLARA" in one stage.
Never give up
Never give up30TrophyTypeGet 200 or more Deaths in any single level.

Least Earned

Unbreakable30TrophyTypeReach 500m in Random-Insane.
Stubborn Challenger
Stubborn Challenger15TrophyTypeUnlock all Modes.
Reborn30TrophyTypeClear all stages in Story Mode.
Psychotic Collector
Psychotic Collector30TrophyTypeComplete all "Special"and "POLARA".
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