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Poi Trophies

Most Earned

Junior Explorer
Junior Explorer15TrophyTypeEarn your first Explorer Medallion.
Big Spender
Big Spender16TrophyTypePurchase an item from the shop.
Bonk!16TrophyTypeHey, watch where you're rolling!
Classic Platforming
Classic Platforming16TrophyTypeDo a triple jump.

Least Earned

Platinum289TrophyTypeCollect all the Trophies.
Master Mechanic
Master Mechanic48TrophyTypeFind ALL the Golden Gears.
Master Explorer
Master Explorer144TrophyTypeCollect ALL the Explorer Medallions.
Creature Biologist
Creature Biologist48TrophyTypeTake a picture of ALL the creatures.
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Poi First Impressions

Poi is a 3D platformer in which two orphans set off on an adventure with the goal of exploring the many lands that their world has to offer. It is reminiscent of games like Banjo Kazooie and Super Mario 64.

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