PlayStation Move Heroes (JP)

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Move Heroes (JP) Trophies

Most Earned

Look What I Found
Look What I Found15TrophyTypePick Up Your First Hidden Collectible
Round of Applause
Round of Applause15TrophyTypeGet Your First Gold Medal
25 Is Alright
25 Is Alright16TrophyTypeGet A 25x Multiplier
Metropolis16TrophyTypeComplete All Metropolis Story Challenges

Least Earned

Pocket Change
Pocket Change20TrophyTypeFind All Hidden Coins In Paris
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Nothing Up My Sleeve120TrophyTypeGet A Gold Medal On A Diamond Challenge Without Using An Ultimate Ability
Make It Look Easy
Make It Look Easy20TrophyTypeSave All Whibbles With One Disc In A Haven City Or Paris Jailbreak Challenge
Gachinko Heroes™
Gachinko Heroes™241TrophyTypeObtain All Trophies
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