Planet RIX-13 (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Planet RIX-13 (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Cause of Death: Radiation
Cause of Death: Radiation30TrophyTypeDie from effects of radiation
Wonders of Technology
Wonders of Technology15TrophyTypeMake an object using 3D printer
Archaeologist91TrophyTypeFind a Crystal
Cause of Death: Suicide
Cause of Death: Suicide30TrophyTypeCommit suicide

Least Earned

You Managed to Survive!
You Managed to Survive!92TrophyTypePass the game
Planet RIX-13 Platinum
Planet RIX-13 Platinum184TrophyTypeGood job! Completed all tasks!
There is a Signal!
There is a Signal!92TrophyTypeRestore the operation of repeaters
Peaceful Outcome
Peaceful Outcome92TrophyTypeEliminate the source of anomalies without destroying it
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