Planet Minigolf

PlayStation 3

Planet Minigolf Trophies

Most Earned

Heating Up
Heating Up18TrophyTypeWin all Warm-Up Courses
Hole Creator
Hole Creator22TrophyTypePublish a custom hole created by you
Pioneer22TrophyTypePlay 10 Custom Holes or Custom Courses with less than 10 plays
Pro Golfer
Pro Golfer48TrophyTypeWin all Pro Courses

Least Earned

Designer88TrophyTypeHave a hole rated at least three stars after 100 plays
Goofball Guru
Goofball Guru252TrophyTypeWin all Wacky Courses
Golfing Glory
Golfing Glory60TrophyTypeWin the Stronghold Island Wacky Course
King26TrophyTypeWin the Stronghold Island Extreme Course
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