PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry

PlayStation 4

PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry Trophies

Most Earned

Rolling Out
Rolling Out16TrophyTypeBeat the first stage.
Three-Star Restaurant
Three-Star Restaurant31TrophyTypeBeat a stage with three stars.
Thrash 'n' Hash
Thrash 'n' Hash17TrophyTypeChange the tape in the radio.
Night Shift
Night Shift20TrophyTypeRemove the light bulb.

Least Earned

Two-Faced15TrophyTypeUse the Hannya Mask and Noh Mask in one burger.
Thousand Points of Wight
Thousand Points of Wight90TrophyTypeRevive 1,000 zombies.
Holy Tiger Style
Holy Tiger Style180TrophyTypeCollect all Dead Hungry trophies.
Circle of Life
Circle of Life15TrophyTypeUse an egg and the Chicken Wing in the same burger.
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