Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip Trophies

Full list of all 25 Pistol Whip trophies - 9 bronze, 8 silver, 7 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Civilized

    Finish any scene without taking damage (no modifiers)

  • Globetrotter

    Travel a total of 15 kilometers

  • Grandmaster

    Earn 5,000,000 points (cumulative per play)

  • Gun Kata

    Finish any scene on Hard while using two guns (no other modifiers)

  • Thinkin' I'm back

    Kill a total of 1000 enemies on beat

  • Synchronized

    Empty your entire clip without missing a beat (no modifiers)

  • Melee Master

    Pistol Whip 10 or more enemies in a single run (no modifiers)

  • Mmm... Pistol Whip

    Finish any scene with at least 3 modifiers active

  • Not very good at retiring

    Finish any scene with no armour remaining (no modifiers)

  • Old Boy

    Finish High Priestess with the "No Ammo" modifier on Hard (no other modifiers)

  • Parabellum

    Complete the Tutorial

  • Perfectionist

    Kill all enemies in a scene without missing a shot (no modifiers)

  • Pistol Whip

    Pistol Whip 1000 enemies

  • Repaired

    Pistol Whip an enemy when you have no armour (no modifiers)

  • Sharpshooter

    Finish any scene on Hard with Deadeye enabled (no other modifiers)

  • True Pacifist

    Finish any scene without hitting an enemy (no modifiers)

  • Super

    Earn an S rank or higher in any scene

  • Take the night off

    Finish Death without harming the dancers

  • Tapered

    Earn an accuracy rating of 90% or higher in any scene (no modifiers)

  • Parley

    Pistol Whip every enemy on the bridge in R U Afraid on any difficulty

  • Baba Yaga

    Finish any scene on Hard (no modifiers)

  • Hitman

    Finish any scene on Normal (no modifiers)

  • Warmed up

    Finish any scene on Easy (no modifiers)