Phantom Trigger

PlayStation 4

Phantom Trigger Trophies

Most Earned

Brainiac30TrophyTypeSolve all puzzles
Brothers in Arms
Brothers in Arms90TrophyTypeBeat all bosses in co-op mode
Greatest Show in the World
Greatest Show in the World90TrophyTypeTurn off the last TV set
Helping Hand
Helping Hand30TrophyTypeKill 20 enemies in co-op mode

Least Earned

Weapon Master
Weapon Master30TrophyTypeUnlock all combos
This is the best adventurate yet.
This is the best adventurate yet.180TrophyTypeUnlock all trophies.
Not Right Now, Stan
Not Right Now, Stan30TrophyTypeChop down the tree
New Adventurate
New Adventurate90TrophyTypeTake a trip with Pam
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