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Persona 5 Royal bosses ranked from easiest to hardest

Persona 5 Royal is filled to the brim with exciting and incredibly intriguing boss battles, each of which comes with its own unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. Let us dive into the easiest and hardest bosses of P5R.

Posted 7 months ago by Sean Lawson

Persona trophy list tiers from easy to hard

The Persona series is an absolute blast to play through for JRPG and RPG fans everywhere. We at TT decided to dive into the Persona trophies and see which are easy, which are hard, and which are the most fun to earn.

Posted 8 months ago by Sean Lawson

Persona 5 Royal PS5 review round-up

The Persona 5 Royal reviews are dropping ahead of the game's next-gen release, unsurprisingly there aren't too many reviews for the PS5 version of P5R, but we have scoured the internet and plucked as many as we can for you.

Posted 8 months ago by Sean Lawson

Persona 5 Royal for PS5 is not a 'cash grab'

Persona 5 Royal is set to come to PS5 in only a few short weeks and we at TrueTrophies have had a little bit of a u-turn on our thoughts over P5R being a cash grab from Atlus.

Posted 8 months ago by Sean Lawson

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