1. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. This guide will help you attain all 42 trophies with the least amount of fuss.

You'll need to clear each song in the game on at least one difficulty to unlock the last difficulty. You'll also need to unlock and view every character's Social Events, which are unlocked by hitting milestones on a variety of tasks. Some will come naturally as you play, like getting Brilliants on a number of songs or unlocking modifiers. The rest will come by changing your costume and accessories on each song. Score is not important, and you can turn on any number of support modifiers you desire in order to make songs easier.

There are no online trophies, only offline. There are some free and paid DLC songs and costumes, but none of these are necessary to 100% the game. At a minimum, you will need to play a song to completion 70 times. But hopefully, with good planning, that will be all that you need.

As this is a music and rhythm game, you’re going to need a decent amount of rhythm skills in order to complete it. However, there are not too many songs to learn and a good amount of them are remixes, so you should be able to learn the songs after a while.

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