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Persona 5 Trophies

Most Earned

Soul of Rebellion
Soul of Rebellion15TrophyTypeObtain the Persona Arsene.
I Am Thou
I Am Thou15TrophyTypeObtain a Persona through negotiation.
Precise Insight
Precise Insight16TrophyTypeExploit enemy weaknesses 100 times.
Execution Leading to Rebirth
Execution Leading to Rebirth16TrophyTypePerform a Guillotine execution.

Least Earned

Legendary Phantom Thief
Legendary Phantom Thief495TrophyTypeEarn all trophies.
Mask Collector
Mask Collector77TrophyTypeComplete the Persona Compendium.
Beyond Rehabilitation
Beyond Rehabilitation229TrophyTypeDefeat the twins.
One Who Rebels Against a God
One Who Rebels Against a God73TrophyTypeCreate Satanael.
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The TrueTrophies Game of the Year 2017

Voting for the Truetrophies Game of the Year 2017 has ended and it is now time to reveal which games are the winners.

Posted 3 months ago by Dave Horobin, 20 comments

TT Podcast Episode 59 - Critically Awarded

This week, there's a lot of award talk to be had. The Video Game Awards have come and gone, as has PSX, and that's only the beginning of the news.

Posted 4 months ago by Brandon Fusco, 0 comments

Trophy Talk Podcast Episode 38 - Everything Derailed

This week, we discuss the wonderful world of trademark protection! Also, did you know that Horizon: Zero Dawn just got an upgrade to the photo mode? Time to take some pictures!

Posted 11 months ago by Brandon Fusco, 0 comments

TT Podcast Episode 37 - Introducing the TT Podcast

This week, we discuss the ethics of reviewing episodic games piecemeal rather than as a singular season long unit. Strap in, things are about to get pretentiously hypothetical!

Posted 11 months ago by Brandon Fusco, 4 comments

TT Podcast Episode 35 - Topical News Week

Atlus is blocking streaming of Persona 5, some people think Bioware did a poor job portraying a transgender character in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Scorpio Specs have been revealed. It's going to be a loaded news week!

Posted 1 year ago by Brandon Fusco, 0 comments

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