2. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight General Hints & TipsUpdate notes

The biggest tip I can give you in regards to this game is the following: Take breaks.

This game is a bit of a visual nightmare. There are constant, contrasting colors flying across the screen. Compared to playing Persona 4: Dancing All Night on the Vita, this game actually becomes more difficult to play on a larger screen because your eyes need to keep following the notes and it can get straining pretty easily.

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There are two types of songs in the game. Most will have a character on screen performing the dance. The other will be a music video or something that's more intensely choreographed. You'll be able to tell what is which when you select a song. The former will show a character, the latter a square image. The goal is to limit how many of these music video songs we play as they do not count for a few Social Events.

Every time you play a song using a character, you MUST change their costume and as many accessories as possible.

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