Penny-Punching Princess (Vita)

Penny-Punching Princess (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Penny-Punching Princess (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

This Is a Job for Super Princess
This Is a Job for Super Princess16TrophyType[Strengthen] Acquired first skill.
Have Some Chump Change, Chump!
Have Some Chump Change, Chump!16TrophyType[Technical] Bribed first small monster.
Want Some Golden Candy?
Want Some Golden Candy?17TrophyType[Technical] Bribed first medium monster.
Money Is More Important Than Life
Money Is More Important Than Life21TrophyType[Technical] Activated first Coin Miracle.

Least Earned

When it Comes to Miracles, You Get What You Pay For!!!
When it Comes to Miracles, You Get What You Pay For!!!15TrophyType[Technical] Activated all Coin Miracles.
True Penny-Puncher
True Penny-Puncher180TrophyType[Arrival] Acquired all trophies.
The Princess' Golden Path
The Princess' Golden Path90TrophyType[Scenario] Cleared the Golden Dungeon.
The Kingdom's Great Revival!
The Kingdom's Great Revival!90TrophyType[Scenario] Saw the ending with over 1,000 citizens.
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