Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Trophies

Full list of all 40 Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous trophies - 31 bronze, 3 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Burning City

    You saved Kenabres and acquired mysterious and thrilling powers.

  • Banner Over the Citadel

    You reclaimed a formidable crusade relic and chose your mythic path.

  • Fifth Crusade

    You successfully led an offensive into the demon-infested lands of the Worldwound.

  • Embrace of the Abyss

    You survived the impossible journey and returned to Golarion.

  • Heart of the Fallen Land

    You reached the dead city of Iz and secured your place as the greatest figure in Worldwound history.

  • The Final Threshold

    Congratulations, Commander! Your story is complete!

  • Transformation

    Your mythic transformation is complete!

  • Mythic Choices

    Use your mythic powers five times in dialogues to influence the world and living souls.

  • Spirit of Adventure

    Complete the game playing on Core difficulty or above.

  • Test of the Starstone

    Complete the game on Unfair difficulty.

  • Masterful Dispel

    Dispel every single buff from a certain Runelord you'll meet.

  • Sadistic Game Design

    You have fulfilled the unreasonable, inhuman requirements set out in the game encyclopedia.

  • Queen's Gratitude

    Reclaim Drezen in Chapter 2 quickly and efficiently, and get praise from Queen Galfrey.

  • Great Upstart

    Raise all four Crusade stats (Leadership, Strategy, Diplomacy, Military) to rank 5 in Chapter 3.

  • Strategic Victory

    By the end of the game, develop all four Crusade stats to their maximum potential.

  • Heroic Victory

    Defeat Khorramzadeh's army in Crusade mode.

  • Defender's Heart

    Defend the tavern from attack without losing a single building to the arsonists.

  • Abyssal Conspiracy

    Investigate and prevent the demodand conspiracy in the Midnight City.

  • Core of the Riddle

    Uncover the truth behind the mysterious ancient ruins and the ghosts that guard them.

  • Your First Big Enemy

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, defeat the water elemental in the Prologue.

  • Prelate's Nemesis

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, find the nabasu demon on the streets of Kenabres and kill him.

  • Blight of Drezen

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, allow Chorussina to summon a powerful demon in Drezen and defeat him.

  • End of Eternal Guard

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the final Eternal Guardian of the Ivory Sanctum.

  • Playful Mood

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, kill the Playful Darkness in the Midnight Fane.

  • Just Pathetic

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Pathetic Quasit in Alushinyrra.

  • Dreadful Dragon

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, kill Melazmera, the umbral dragon of Colyphyr.

  • Ashes to Ashes

    Playing on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Ashen Lady in the Ivory Labyrinth.

  • All Paths Open

    Unlock all six mythic paths before choosing one at the end of Chapter 2.

  • A Flame

    You found love in the midst of the war with the Abyss.

  • Hey, I Know You!

    Save or release the cultist scribe in the Tower of Estrod, the poor traveler attacked by vescavors, and the vrock in the Molten Scar. Then find out what happened to them later...

  • Demonic and Divine

    Face two great entities and make your choice.

  • Death by Column

    Hit your own party with the rolling column in the Tower of Estrod.

  • Next-Door Play

    Find the Next-Door Theater in each chapter of the game and help the troupe to finally stage their play.

  • Get the Toad

    No time to explain. Just get the toad!

  • Midnight Aim

    You chose the right weapon to fight a demon lord.

  • Ascension

    Against all odds, through trials unthinkable, you ascended as a true demigod.

  • Radiance

    One of the crusade's greatest weapons is now in your hands.

  • Subtle Hints

    You investigated and uncovered a saboteur in your army.