5. Paranautical Activity BossesUpdate notes

This page will list the bosses of the game the best ways to defeat them. You'll need to defeat all the bosses and mini-bosses, which can only be done after completing the game once. Let's get into it, I suppose.

Aadaru - This guy is EXTREMELY annoying. He spins around in a circle, spraying his swordfish everywhere, guaranteeing hits on you multiple times. If you have a mushroom, you can't be hit by the spinning blades above you. However, you may not be quite that lucky. If that's the case, try jumping on his head and just stabbing down with the sickle. He will always drop Aadaru's Swordfish upon death and usually shows up on floors 5 and above.

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Angler Fish - This big fish monster darkens the room entirely, with the only light coming from its body. It can shoot out Blowfish from its body, but it prefers to charge and bite you for damage. Try to stay close to it, hitting it from the side without losing it in the dark. A relatively easy boss to kill, will always drop a Blowfish item. Appears on floors 5 and above.

Banshee - A large, flaming skull head with a fish tail. This is one of the most dangerous bosses in the game, as it throws a yellow projectile that will always hit you at close range, as well as white homing projectiles that will hunt you down. Try to stay a medium to far distance away, using your Superweapon to damage it from a distance. When that runs dry, throw your sickle and try to hit it in the sweet spot until it dies. It will always drop the Banshee's Scream item upon death. Appears on floors 5 and above.

Dahlia - The final boss, this little girl is not at all dangerous on her own. She shoots out little purple balls that aren't homing or even aimed at you, they exist only to get in your way. However, she will spawn in other annoying enemies to combat you if you don't kill her quickly enough. She starts off by spawning 2 Skullito's, spiders and all, before spawning in 2 Aadaru. After that will be multiple Iris and Aerie, followed by Nazi's, and ending with a set of Skorchers. If you allow any of these to stay on the screen as the next batch spawn in, the framerate will become disgustingly unplayable, essentially making you an easy target. Avoid that by killing these enemies quickly, but remember to focus on Dahlia. After she dies, you need to clear out whatever else she spawned in to end the fight. She only appears on floors 7 and 8 and drops Dahlia's Knife.

Devil - The Devil chases you around a room and tries to stab or throw an item at you. He can get pretty annoying, so stab at him when he gets close to you, throw the sickle when he's further back. Keep moving and dodging, eventually he will die.

Dobee - Dobee is a huge whale that appears on the first 3 floors, and can easily be defeated by standing directly underneath him and throwing your weapon upward into him. It'll take a few hits, but he can't hit you at all if you are directly under him. Will always drop Dobee's Blubber as an item.

Eight Legged Gilead - A creature that's very weak, walking on 8 legs and shoots out regular projectiles at you. Just get a medium distance away and let your sickle do the work to take it down.

Floating Tentacles - No idea what this thing is called, but I can say it is a large floating eye with multiple tentacles protruding from it and that it shoots homing attacks from them. It's very weak and will be killed in a short amount of sickle throws, but it is best to stay near a wall in order to fake out and destroy the homing attacks. Will drop a miscellaneous item or weapon.

Four Legged Gilead - Another mini-boss, this creature shoots out tons of homing projectiles. Rush in and attack immediately, making a circle around him and trying to fake out the projectiles.

Ghost - The Ghost will plague you throughout the entirety of hardcore mode, but must be fought and killed after picking up Dahlia's Knife. The Ghost will slowly come to you, as it normally does, but you will be able to attack and damage it now. Once it becomes hurt, a health bar will appear above it and it will speed up, chasing you. If you're fast enough, it's very possible to just dance around him and not get touched, using the return of the thrown sickle to catch him and cause damage. The Ghost will always drop the key to the 8th floor. Once on the 8th floor, you can fight and kill the Ghost again if he appears to trouble you once more.

Gorton - Gorton appears only after beating the game once, either inside Do Not Enter doors or as a guaranteed enemy in the 8th floor fight with Dahlia. He has sickles surrounding him and can rapid-fire the Blowfish gun, which is a bad combination for you. The Aadaru trick works sufficiently well here, you can deal tons of damage by just jumping on his head and slashing down with the sickle. He has rather low health, so try to take him out before he does too much damage.

Hanz - Hanz will appear on the first 4 floors, either firing his pistol at you or stopping to produce chainsaws from the ground. The chainsaws are very telegraphed and are easy to dodge, simply keep moving in circles around him and jumping away when the floor around you becomes red. He has a sizable amount of health, but can easily be defeated without taking damage. He will drop either the Chainsaw, his pistol, or his Coat.

Iris and Aerie - Iris and Aerie are 2 flying eyeballs that shoot projectiles, then break into 2 smaller eyeballs once damaged enough. They are very easy to dodge and defeat, just move circles around them and toss your sickle to slice through their round bodies. They are found on the first 3 floors and always drop Iris' Wings upon death.

Jellyfish - A very large version of the Jellyfish found on the dark floors. It can only damage you by direct contact with a tentacle, so just hit it a few times with a good sickle throw and it will die very quickly.

Mermaid - Appears on floors 4 and up, this beast will chase you around and shoot out a group of homing projectiles. Moves pretty fast, so difficult to get into a sweet spot. Aim slightly to the right, as there is an occasional glitch that damages the Mermaid even when it isn't near your weapon. Drops the Mermaid's Harp item.

Mothra - A larger version of the regular moths found throughout the game, this mini-boss can fire 4 homing projectiles simultaneously. Stick near walls in order to make the projectiles crash and focus on clearing the other moths from the room first to prevent interference. I'd recommend using an Assault to speed up this annoying fight.

Omni - Omni is an octopus that gets larger the longer he's alive. If you allow him to fill the room, he can't be avoided. Attack him with everything you got and don't allow him to take up too much room. Always drops Omni's Tentacles and appears on the 3rd or 4th floor.

Poseidon - A merman with a trident in his hand, he is quite an easy boss. Stay a medium distance away and attack with your sickle, dodging the blowfish he shoots out. He dies rather quickly and isn't much of a threat, usually appears on floors 4 and below.

Reviver - This guy spawns with a shield around him, surrounded by skeletons. Once you kill all the skeletons, he will march around the room and revive them with his shield lowered. He has incredibly low HP, so what I do is try to spread out the skeletons before attacking him, killing them in different corners of the room. As he takes a walk to revive them, I go up to him and tap [cn_RT] to stab instead of throw the sickle. He will die in under 5 hits. Kill any revived skeletons to claim the random prize he drops. Found on the first 3 floors.

Scubalien - This guy can make duplicates of himself and fire out a number of bomb shells from each of his clones. Jump onto the top of the elevator and attack him from there, away from the bombs he tosses around on the ground. Appears on 3rd or 4th floors and always drops Scubalien's Shell.

Ship - The Ship looks large and menacing, but the fight is easy. Stay on the catwalks above the acid, attacking the ship center mass. Its projectiles are wild and frenzied, not really aiming for you as long as you stay ahead of the bow. It's relatively weak, and will die after a bit of pressure from you. The planes don't really do much of anything, so they can be ignored as well. It appears on the 5th floor and above.

Skullito - Skullito is likely to be one of the first bosses you fight, appearing on the first 3 floors. He floats around and spews spiders from his mouth, occasionally shooting lasers from his eyes. He is very weak, but don't run around into corners due to the spiders. Stay as far away as you can, tossing a bomb at the spiders as they approach you. He will always drop Skullito's Soul.

Snail - The Snail boss is very annoying if you have low speed, as he always appears on the first 3 floors before you can get many items. As soon as he rolls to you, jump back a few paces and toss your sickle. Try to stay at a perfect distance away from it, so that the sickle continually hovers in its body as it rolls. As long as you stay far enough away and keep jumping back as it rolls, it can't hurt you. Drops the worthless Snail Shell item.

Speiga - A giant spider that spawns on floors 5 and up, is always surrounded by spider nests that spawn multiple small spiders. I suggest jumping around the room and destroying these nests first, then focusing on Speiga. His only attack is a homing projectile that is easily avoided. Once he's dead, clear the remaining spiders to take your reward; Speiga's Fangs.

Spider - A joke of a mini-boss, this is a large Spider that can rapid fire green vomit. Just jump around him and toss your blade, same as nearly any other enemy.

Ursula - Probably the most difficult boss in the game. This creature hovers above the ground on tentacles, firing many homing projectiles or swarms of bugs at you. It doesn't stay still long enough to get a really good hit on it, and moves too fast to jump on. I recommend using an Ankh or Assault and getting in close, pressuring it hard with returning sickle attacks so that it dies quickly. Spawns after beating the game once, either in Do Not Enter rooms or just on the 8th floor. Guaranteed to appear with Dahlia on floor 8.

Killing all of the bosses will unlock:

Unlock 10/45 - Monster Hunter

With strategies for what you will encounter out of the way, let's get into an actual timeline of how you should be handling things in this game.

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