3. Paranautical Activity (JP) Characters

Here is a list of the characters in the game and how they should be utilized. After completing classic mode once, attempt each of your hardcore completions with a different character.

Gilead - A very well rounded character, Gilead starts with a fast firing but rather weak gun that should be traded in for a sickle as soon as you find one. He has moderate health, speed, and damage levels that can make him pretty dangerous once upgraded. Just get rid of that trash gun as soon as you can! Pick up any useful items you can to increase his speed and damage, such as Cannonball, Naval Training, Piece of Eight, Hook, Omni's Tentacles, etc. Additional health never hurts either. Completing a mode with Gilead earns you:

Unlock 1/45 - Gilead

David Bowie - Easily the worst character of the whole batch. Bowie starts with a Crossbow, obviously, and it takes ages to pull back and fire. He also has lower than average health and only moderate speed. Pick up any items at all that have stat increasing properties. Go for the sickle, as always, seeing as the last thing you want is a bow. Completing a mode with David Bowie gives you:

Unlock 2/45 - David Bowie

Dy-No-Mite - By far one of the best characters. Dy-No-Mite starts with a sword and grenade launcher, which basically launches unlimited bombs. You'll want to capitalize on this and pick up items that work well with bombs such as Blast Shield, Powder Keg, Skullito's Soul, Gum, Poison Bombs, Cherry Bomb, and Chainsaw. This can very well make you a nearly unstoppable killing machine, making the amount of health you have negligible. Beating a mode with Dy-No-Mite unlocks:

Unlock 3/45 - Dy-No-Mite

Gorton - The best character in the game. Gorton is low on health but starts with the sickle, making him deadly from room 1. Pick up health and damage increasing items, such as Dobee's Blubber, Beard, Speiga's Fangs, Hook, Cannonball, etc. Beating a mode with Gorton gives you:

Unlock 4/45 - Gorton

Tank - Tank is a very strong but very slow character, He starts off with a shotgun and has tons of health, but moves and fires incredibly slowly. Pick up any and all fire rate/speed boost items, such as Sea Legs, Adderall, Chain, Propeller, etc. Completing a mode with Tank unlocks:

Unlock 5/45 - Tank

Bouncer - The most unusual character, Bouncer starts with no health and only shields, but all other stats maxed out. The sickle is necessary here, as the Flak Cannon you start with is terribly weak. Health is your top priority, so Dobee's Blubber, Shield Lover, Iron Heart, Red Tearstone Ring, Keg, etc are your items of choice. Completing a mode with Bouncer gives you:

Unlock 6/45 - Bouncer

The end goal is to complete hardcore with all 6 characters. Ignore the description of the trophy, as it incorrectly states there are 8 characters. More detail will be provided about hardcore on the "Story Walkthrough" page. Completing hardcore with each character will finally unlock:

Jack of All Trades

Beat normal mode with all characters

Jack of All Trades
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificCumulative +Multiple Playthroughs Required

Unlock 7/45 - Jack of all Trades

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