2. Paranautical Activity (JP) General hints and tips


Yes, this game has a glitch that makes it tremendously easier to complete. You can use this as much or as little as you'd like. The glitch works as follows; Start a game up on classic as any character. Go through the game as normal and kill any enemies in your way until one drops a Slowmo powerup. Pick it up and hit cn_X to activate it, pausing the game and selecting "Restart" before the powerup wears off. When you start another game up, regardless of character or difficulty, you will have unlimited Slowmo. This will last until you use another Slowmo powerup (so never ever do that) or die. If you die or otherwise quit the game, you'll need to reactivate the glitch. If you're having a bad run and know that you'll die, just restart from the pause menu instead of allowing yourself to die. This is a very, VERY helpful glitch and makes some harder trophies significantly easier.

Use the sickle! Gorton starts with the sickle as a weapon, but all characters can pick it up through a random drop in the armory or through purchase in a shop. It's the most powerful weapon by far, once you learn the "sweet spot" of where to have the sickle hover inside enemies, you'll be golden.

Speed first! You should very rarely pick up any items that lower your speed, with the exception of Dobee's Blubber. Items such as Lead, Snail Shell, etc should be avoided at all costs. Speed keeps you moving and away from enemy fire, and is more valuable than health or shields in most situations.

Get the Eyepatch! If you see the Eyepatch dropped by a boss or in a shop, take it. The loss of a crosshair is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits of brightening a dark floor.

Survey! If you're in a room with 3 exits, poke your head through each one. This will give you an insight as to what awaits you. You could see a boss or mini-boss door, or a death trap room you'd rather avoid. Always look around.

Use powerups! Powerups are incredibly valuable and are often dropped by multiple enemies on a floor. Make use of them as frequently as you can, saving an Ankh or Assault for a tough boss.

Never stop moving! One of the most important tips, this is not a game like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Think more along the lines of Titanfall, where you need to constantly keep moving in order to survive. Always run and jump while attacking, don't give enemies the opportunity to lock in on your location, you will be decimated.

Persevere! The game is 100% based on luck/RNG. Sometimes you'll just have horrible runs. Other times you'll do flawlessly. I've decimated hardcore mode, ending it with dozens of health and shields in some runs. I've also died at the very end of hardcore mode. I've also beaten hardcore mode with a single scrap of health. It all depends on what the game provides you, so don't be too discouraged by a tough loss.

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