Paraiso Island Reviews

  • D72shadowD72shadow541,974
    23 Oct 2019
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    Do you like Animal Crossing? How about if we give you an extremely simplified version with 7 npc's to talk to on a single island that takes probably 15 seconds to walk across? Yeah, that doesn't sound appealing to me either.

    Ooh, I got it. Do you like trophies? How about 11 of them in approximately 1-2 hours? What's the catch? Well, it's a buggy mess. Its not fun at all as it doesn't do anything as well as even the original Animal Crossing did 18 years earlier.

    Still not sold? Ok, look... we know why you are here. It's a free game. It's easy to complete. Spend an hour initially talking to everyone for quests, picking up all the starfish, buying the items to chop, dig, and fish. Fill up your inventory, transfer that to your dresser, and trade with your neighbors that lack any real personality. That's it. Now choose to log in 7 days in a row to collect your daily bonuses like I did. Or if it's really that important to you to get this awful game off your hard drive as fast as you can, change your systems time offline and make 7 days pass by in minutes. Hopefully you dont get the dozen blue screen crashes like I did while playing it. When you do anything... and I mean anything, TAKE IT SLOW. Press a button too soon after pressing one previously... crash. Talk to someone right after a trophy pops... crash. Walk in someone's house the wrong way, I guess... crash.

    After dealing with these 11 short inconveniences, you will have a brand new... completion. You want a fast platinum go talk to ratalaika... they'd probably make a better version of this anyway. Congratulations trophy hunter, you just bagged an ugly baby possum. Nice go find you a useful animal to hunt.