Papers, Please (Vita) Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Papers, Please


The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled.
For immediate placement, report to the Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint.
An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin. Expect a Class-8 dwelling.

Glory to Arstotzka.

Welcome to Papers, Please, a game about diligently checking passport documentation in a dreary authoritarian fictional country on the brink of revolution. It sounds strange, and it is. It's also fairly straightforward completion and in my opinion, an engaging experience. Unfortunately you will need to complete the best part of two playthroughs which may diminish the enjoyment a little. Hopefully you should be done within 5 hours or so, quicker if you're fairly callous about keeping the inspector's family alive. Let's get started!

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