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PlayStation 3

Page Chronica Trophies

Most Earned

Run for the Sunset
Run for the Sunset15TrophyTypeGet 8 of the Gold Time Scores. Just run like hell and get the drama over with.
Time for a Pop Quiz
Time for a Pop Quiz15TrophyTypeGet 8 of the Gold Word Scores. Have you studied?
What Big Hands you Have
What Big Hands you Have15TrophyTypeDefeat The Big Bad. All the better to grab my controller to beat you with.
A Hero’s Journey
A Hero’s Journey16TrophyTypeDefeat The Final Bad. It is finally over! Or is it?

Least Earned

Treasure Seeker
Treasure Seeker16TrophyTypeGet all of the Dream Feathers. Now I have enough to make a fluffy pillow!
To the Victor goes the Spoils
To the Victor goes the Spoils96TrophyTypeComplete all of the Trophies. The hardcore understand.
Think-Tank32TrophyTypeGet all of the Gold Word Scores. Hmph, Smarty-pants.
Race to Victory
Race to Victory32TrophyTypeGet all of the Gold Time Scores. Real athletes run; others just play video games.
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