Overload Trophies

Full list of all 51 Overload trophies - 40 bronze, 8 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Double Dipper

    Finish New Game+ (Ace or harder)

  • Rescue Ranger

    Recover every cryotube in the Cronus mission

  • No Stone Unturned

    Find every secret in the Cronus mission

  • Omega Man

    Get 40 kills in each secret level in the Cronus mission

  • No Time to Save

    Finish the Cronus mission in under 3 hours of playtime without saving

  • Embrace the Darkness

    Complete Phoebe Refinery without using the Headlights or Flare

  • Lost and Found

    Give the Hologuide a command in 5 different Cronus mission levels

  • Pathfinder

    Complete the Cronus mission without using the Hologuide at all

  • Pacifist

    Complete a Cronus level without killing any operators (Rookie or harder)

  • Rear View

    Finish a Cronus level flying only backwards (no sliding or forward movement)

  • The Kulas

    Kill yourself with a devastator 10 times

  • Restricted Mode

    Finish the Cronus mission without upgrading anything

  • Flyin' Solo

    Finish a Cronus level without picking up a single powerup (except keys)

  • Missile Phobia

    Max out all secondary ammo at the same time

  • Third Street

    Break every monitor in the Cronus mission

  • Awesome Aggression

    Get 100 kills in Challenge Mode Countdown (Hotshot or harder)

  • Goblin King

    Get 100 kills in Labyrinth

  • Just Practicing

    Get 500 Challenge Mode kills on Trainee

  • Killing Spree

    Get 20 consecutive Challenge Mode kills without taking damage

  • Nearly Impossible

    Get 100 Challenge Mode kills on Insane

  • No Dead Cats

    Finish 5 Cronus levels without finding any secrets

  • Not Bad

    Score 100,000 in Challenge Mode on Rookie

  • A Real Challenge

    Score 100,000 in Challenge Mode on Hotshot

  • Are You Insane?

    Score 100,000 in Challenge Mode on Ace

  • Untouchable

    Destroy every operator in a Lockdown without taking damage (Rookie or harder)

  • One Hand Tied

    Get 50 Challenge Mode kills in one session without firing a primary (secondary/smash only)

  • Unarmored

    Get 500 Challenge Mode kills on Rookie

  • Ahimsa

    Complete Challenge Mode Countdown with 0 kills (Rookie or harder)

  • Run or Die

    Survive to the end of Countdown (Ace or harder)

  • Infinite Forever

    Get 100 Challenge Mode Infinite kills on every level (Rookie or harder)

  • Unbreakable

    Score 50,000 and survive to the end of all Challenge Mode Countdown levels (Rookie or harder)

  • Destroyer of Souls

    Get 1000 kills in Multiplayer

  • Ready for Action

    Finish 10 matches in Multiplayer (matchmaking)

  • Master of None

    Get a kill with every weapon and missile in Multiplayer

  • A Winner Is You

    Win 25 matches in Multiplayer (matchmaking, team or anarchy)

  • Persistence

    Die 1000 times in Multiplayer

  • Robocide

    Destroy 1000 operators

  • Such Wonderful Toys

    Unlock all the Challenge Mode and Multiplayer upgrades and loadouts

  • Fully Loaded

    Fully upgrade every weapon and missile in the Cronus mission

  • Demo Derby

    Smash 10 operators in one level

  • Bright Light! Bright Light!

    Destroy an operator using only Flares