8. Overcooked! Chapter 6

This is it, your final stretch. It's time to pass the four remaining trials and make your way up to the Ever Peckish. The road ahead may be short, but don't underestimate it.

Overcooked | Base Game (3 Stars)

Level 6-1

External image

1P: 100-120-140
2P: 100-140-160
3P: 240-260-280
4P: 220-340-400

This level is located near the end of Chapter 1's levels, on another pirate ship. Instead of having things move only left and right, the strip of countertop with the cutting boards on it move up and down too, as well as two panels on the left side, but those don't really matter all too much. While it is possible to have a cook on one side slip through the cracks of the moving counters on the left, that'd be one of the worst moves you could make in regards to trying to actually score high.

The level is actually pretty simple, as the only rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the cook without cutting boards should be the one prepping stew. Only when a current order is in progress should ingredients be passed back to the cook with the cutting boards. You should hopefully get 3 Stars on your first try. That was the case for my friend and me, so it can't be too outlandish to replicate our skill in the game if you've made it this far already.

Level 6-2

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1P: 120-160-200
2P: 160-200-260
3P: 300-340-380
4P: 120-145-165 (verified, but possibly a dev error)

This level is easy too; it makes up for how difficult the next two trials are. Nothing here moves, but the cooks need to keep an eye on the conveyor belts whenever someone wants to pass food to someone else. Since both of you have onions, you both can decide when to work on onion soup, but the cooks on opposite sides need to specialize in tomato and onion soup, depending on which side they're on. It's a really easy level to earn 3 Stars on despite the seemingly high score required.

Level 6-3

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1P: 50-70-90
2P: 60-80-100
3P: 60-120-140
4P: 100-140-160

If you didn't like the earlier ice levels, you're really going to hate this one. Probably. The most amount of ice rolling by before was just one, and it was always rectangular. Now you have to deal with two streams of ice moving in opposite directions, and shaped in a few different patterns. As for figuring out what to do, try to bring a mushroom and onion each to the other side of the kitchen and cut them up, then leave them (or take one if the first order calls for it) and put it in the pot in the upper left corner. The cooks should take a pot each and bring them back to the cutting tables; that way, they can put the cut vegetables in the pot without having to cross yet another ice gap, and they'll only have to move to the stoves when they actually have soup ready to be heated. When the soup is ready to go, take it with you in the pot to the right side and put it in an empty plate. This will allow you to put the pot back by the cutting boards when you're done with it.

Level 6-4

External image

1P: 120-170-190
2P: 140-180-200
3P: 180-220-260
4P: 200-240-300

The last trial is another space kitchen. The menu consists of both soup and burgers, and the ingredients, plates, and conveyors are all in the other rooms on the outside of the main one. Grab some stuff out of the two rooms that start off on your sides, and then press one of the green buttons when you're ready to switch them, just make sure a player doesn't get stuck in one of these rooms. Since pressing a green button switches the rooms, it doesn't matter which one you press unless you specifically want one room on the left or right for whatever reason.

You might find it pretty hard to get 3 Stars here. Since you barely have any countertop space in the center, it's crucial that you and your fellow cooks utilize the counter space as best as you can. Don't forget that you can also drop food and dishes on the ground if necessary, although it may be hard to pick them back up due to the zoomed-out camera. The best thing you can really do here is continue to practice.

Onion Cabin 6

Meet with the Onion King one last time, and he'll declare that you're clearly up to the task of defeating the Ever Peckish. Waste no time getting to it and show it who's boss.

The Peckening

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1P: Finish the Level (Automatic 3 Stars)
2P: Finish the Level (Automatic 3 Stars)
3P: Finish the Level (Automatic 3 Stars)
4P: Finish the Level (Automatic 3 Stars)

The time has come to face your nemesis for the last time. Kevin will be providing chopper support by supplying you with a varying assortment of wooden supports that contain ingredient boxes and other things on them from time to time. The first of four waves of this battle will look like the picture above. To make things a bit more of a hassle, all of the plates start off dirty by the Ever Peckish, so those will have to be cleaned before you can turn in a single order. You can clean plates from both sides of the sink here. Oh, and to make things even worse, sometimes meteors will rain from the sky and hit the kitchen, setting the tile it lands on ablaze. You'll have to put it out with the fire extinguisher as soon as you can.

All four waves will have to be completed within the time limit of 12:30, so you need to be agile and get through all four waves as fast as you can. Since your 3 Star requirement is simply to beat the level, you don't really have to worry too much about having them time out and losing -10 score, but you obviously don't want to take too long, because you still only have 12:30. Each wave only has a set number of dishes, too; once the top of your screen starts to clear up in terms of orders, then you'll know that the current wave is almost over.

As for the first wave, there's only one cutting board, and all the stoves are on the opposite side of the rooftops. One cook should really pass ingredients to another that'll man the cutting board, and then soup will be made when the ingredients are ready. Be sure to use both stoves when you can.

External image

The second wave has another sideways H as a platform provided by Kevin, but most of it is now made of conveyor belts and it moves up and down across the gap between the rooftops. You'll be making burgers now. The buns are the only thing available to anyone on the right side of the H, but another cook to the left can pull ingredients out and put them on the conveyor to lead them over to the right. Additionally, once meat is cut, it should be sent back to the left using conveyor belts so that it can be cooked. A lot of this wave is purely running around doing jobs that your fellow cooks aren't currently doing. This wave will probably take the longest; my friend and I had Kevin's third panel drop at around 05:45 left on the clock.

External image

This third panel is more of an S shape, as you can tell with the picture above. You might notice that one can easily be blocked off from the opposite side of the kitchen due to how this panel is shaped. It is therefore in your best interests that at least one cook stays on each side of the kitchen at all times and that required ingredients are simply passed to one another. The cutting boards in the middle of the S are a sweet trap; you can cut ingredients in more places than just the standard one spot, but you're subject to being caught in the rotation of the S and being stuck where you don't want to be at the moment.

You'll be making a mix of pizza and fish and chips. Make note of the two pizza ovens near the top of the kitchen. You should do fine using just one; you'll probably only have enough manpower to use one anyway, since another cook should be working on fish and chips while the other does pizza. The fish and chips guy should be sending ingredients to the pizza guy that the pizza guy can't reach. Due to there being only one fryer on the left side, the fish & chips guy shouldn't be too backed up with stuff to do. Once the fish and chips orders are done for good, though, the original fryer-cook can then help the pizza cook or start finishing pizza orders of their own to speed things up.

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My timer was at 02:50 when the fourth wave started. All four of the previous food items are up for orders now, even salad, as the Ever Peckish is as peckish as ever. All of the ingredients are a lot more accessible than the rest of the panel configurations, and it even comes with two new cutting boards. My friend and I just made orders on our own with very active communication between the two of us to get all of these orders done in time. It'll probably take 2-3 tries for you to defeat the Ever Peckish, but it'll be a satisfying victory when you do. If this is your last level to earn 3 Stars in, you'll get both of these trophies at once.

Hero of Thyme

Complete Overcooked and save the Onion Kingdom!

Hero of Thyme
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Host Only - These trophies are only earned by the host or primary player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

All the Trimmings

Be awarded three stars in every kitchen

All the Trimmings
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Host Only - These trophies are only earned by the host or primary player.

Unfortunately, there isn't much of a resolution. The credits roll, and that's all you get out of the story. But the mission was to defeat the Ever Peckish without much backstory anyway, so there really wasn't much else to say anyway.

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