Overcooked! Walkthrough

7. Chapter 5

The second-to-last chapter of the base game consists of six levels as opposed to the recent trend of having only four. Chapter 5, unlike the other chapters, is set in several different themed areas instead of generally having one main theme like Chapter 3 and its snowy areas.

Overcooked | Base Game (3 Stars)

Level 5-1

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1P: 50-80-120
2P: 60-100-150
3P: 120-180-230
4P: 140-200-250

Ever made burritos in space? Here's your chance to try it out. Every burrito needs a tortilla, rice, and a certain type of meat. There are only beef and chicken burritos on the menu, so you can count on having several orders of each whenever you end up having to make burritos from now on.

The cook on the left will be connected to a room with all of the ingredients and a sink to the south. They should quickly take 2-3 of each ingredient and drop them on the ground in their own room; don't bother with dropping them on the counters for now, because letting them hit the floor will save you a good amount of time. When you have the ingredients you need, press the green button to the right to make the lower room shift to the cook on the right.

The cook on the right should do the same thing when the room heads over to them, and both sides of the kitchen can continue this process for the entire duration of the level. When you have the room sent back to your side, clean any dirty plates you have first before you pull a bunch of ingredients out; clean plates will be the limiting factor to the amount of orders that you'll be able to complete, so cleaning them will be high priority.

Out of this world

Complete a kitchen in low earth orbit

Out of this world
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Level 5-2

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1P: 50-80-100
2P: 60-90-110
3P: 60-90-120
4P: 60-100-160

In major contrast to the scenery from the previous level, you'll now be cooking in the underworld. There's a fireball machine that will constantly shoot in a straight line for the duration of the level, and there will always be one gap between the four main platforms above the lava. The thin paths between platforms will collapse and reform in a counter-clockwise pattern about every 30 seconds. Getting hit by a fireball or dropping into the lava will force you to wait five seconds to respawn, so avoid death at all costs.

You shouldn't have to worry too much about deciding who does what, since there's a fair amount of work to do at all times and the 3 Star score is relatively low. My co-op partner and I died ten times, which is 50 seconds of doing nothing total, and we scored +12 above the minimum for 3 Stars. It goes without saying that if you manage to die less than that, which should be pretty easy to do, then you should definitely manage to earn 3 Stars for yourself.

Chef Flambe

Complete a kitchen of the underworld

Chef Flambe
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Level 5-3

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1P: 50-70-110
2P: 60-80-120
3P: 100-200-240
4P: 120-220-280

The Chefs Strike Back! It's time to head back to space to feed whatever the market is up there. Instead of pressing a button to alter the stage, there are two pressure switches on the ground that activate doors on the opposite half of the kitchen. So if you want to get ingredients, someone on the upper half has to activate their pressure switch for the lower cook to get through.

Let the lower cook through to the ingredients, and have them place two of each meat on the counter in the middle of the right side of the kitchen. As they do this, the upper cook should place the three plates on the middle-left counter and put rice down in the other open spots. Once the meat is placed, the lower cook should then grab and drop 3-4 tortillas on the ground on their left side of the kitchen. Once that's all set, send the upper cook to the right, start heating up the rice, and get ready for the upper cook to bring the meat back so you can finally get some orders going. As the meat is being cut, the tortillas can also be placed on plates since you have the time.

Repeat this process whenever necessary. Plates will come back clean, so the upper cook can place those back to the center when there's a bit of downtime.

Level 5-4

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1P: 60-80-100
2P: 70-90-110
3P: 80-120-140
4P: 60-120-160

Welcome to Hell. This level is the absolute worst, and you'll soon see why. There are two main platforms that the cooks both occupy, and there are smaller ones around it with the only stoves in the kitchen on them. You need to make more burritos while balancing heating time with food placement across platforms, as well as figure out how to pass food and other items to each other using the empty platforms, or even the stoves if possible.

The cook on the left should quickly cut some beef and run over to the pan going down the center of the stage and place it in, then take some rice and put it in the pot to the top left. As this is going on, the cook on the right should chop up some chicken and put it in the pan above the one with beef in it. After this point, it's all about vocal communication (if you're playing with someone else) and getting everything passed down to each other. The right cook should use cooked rice floating around from the left cook to make entire chicken burritos and then send them to the left cook to be sent out, but other than that, your strategy focuses nearly entirely on strong communication skills with your fellow players.

Keep in mind that rice cooks faster than meat does, and you need to be careful about starting to heat things up so that it doesn't start to tick when you can't get to it. A lot of the time, placing stuff on the moving platforms just doesn't register right, and it's pretty frustrating. Don't be too surprised if you have to replay this level many times; my friend and I sure did.

Level 5-5

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1P: 30-50-70
2P: 40-60-80
3P: 80-140-160
4P: 100-160-200

Due to the complexity of this level, you have five minutes for this level instead of the usual four. The return of the chefs looks a lot like Level 5-1 in that you'll be pressing buttons to shift rooms around. The moving room on the left has just a trash can in it, and the one on the right has plates, but that's it. All of the ingredients, cutting tables, and stoves are separated in such a way that no one player can reach all of them.

The trick to this kitchen is that the upper cook has to send ingredients in the rooms to the lower cook, and then the cut ingredients have to be sent back up to the upper cook to be prepared. At the very start of the level, the upper cook shouldn't bother with placing stuff on the counters in the left room and instead just drop as much as they can on the floor, preferably 3x of two types of vegetables (one of which being whatever the first order is, of course). Then the lower cook needs to chop them up and send them back. If you're playing with three or four cooks, you could experiment with having those extra cooks be assigned to specific rooms and always helping whichever side of the kitchen their room is on; when their room is sent to the other side, they too should ride in that room.

The scoring is a bit tight, however. With two players, my friend and I barely hit 80 points at the end, and two orders failed overall, resulting in -20 total because of that. Try to use your time as best you can and you'll get your 3 Stars with enough patience.

Level 5-6

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1P: 30-40-65
2P: 30-50-65
3P: 80-120-140
4P: 80-120-140

The last level of the chapter also takes place in space. On the bright side, there are no more Underworld levels. Similar to Level 5-3, you've got to deal with pressure panels on the floor to let the other cooks in to where they need to go. All of the ingredients are on the bottom, so the lower cook needs to get whichever ingredients that are needed onto the conveyor belt on the right so that the upper cook can grab them and chop them up. They then need to be sent back to the lower cook to be made into soup, and then back up again to be turned in. It's a very arduous process, especially since dirty dishes have to be sent downward as well.

Despite how ridiculous this process is, the scoring is set really, really low, which you can see in the little list above. With two people, you just need to turn in three orders with at least a tip of +2 for each one. You might barely get the score you need, but it's definitely possible. If you keep turning in the orders at the front of the list, none of them should fail, so you shouldn't lose any scoring that way.

Onion Cabin 5

Well, you've done it. You've become masters in your craft. There are just four final trials to overcome before you fight the Ever Peckish for the last time.

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