Overcooked! Walkthrough

6. Chapter 4

With most of the southern half of the map filled in with nice colors and landmarks, you'll be driving to the northwest to a spookier edge of the world for this chapter.

Overcooked | Base Game (3 Stars)

Level 4-1

External image

1P: 60-80-120
2P: 100-140-200
3P: 100-220-300
4P: 100-240-320

To start the chapter off right, you'll be learning a new recipe for pizza. If you don't properly bake your pizzas correctly, you'll end up wasting too much time. Make sure all of the ingredients are in the same product before putting it in the oven; nobody wants unheated cheese or room temperature sausage on their pizza. Every pizza will always require dough, tomato, and cheese, so you'll have to prep these the most out of all five different ingredients. [Editor's note: Pizza dough base can be used like plates to combine chopped ingredients, so always start with it. -Prince] The stage itself is supposed to be haunted, and the sets of countertops will move almost every minute. Check out the picture above; the small countertop with the plates to the top right and the space with the cutting boards will rise up and then fall back down on the opening to the left/right of them. When the counters rise, you won't be able to use them or anything on them, so keep that in mind as they start to fly upwards. If one or both of the cooks don't manage to switch to their other side of the kitchen in time, you can always run along the halls on the left side of the kitchen to reposition at least one cook on each half of the kitchen.

As for allocating cooks, it should go without saying that one cook should stay to the south and one to the north. The southern cook will work on preparing ingredients, and both cooks can cut at the same time to speed things up. As the southern cook makes more ingredients for the next order, the northern cook will be cooking the pizzas and putting them on plates. Orders will have to be turned in depending on whichever player can access the conveyor belt, and the same kind of rule should apply for cleaning dirty dishes.

Kitchen Nightmares

Complete a Kitchen in the Haunted Forest

Kitchen Nightmares
1 guide

Level 4-2

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1P: 50-70-100
2P: 60-80-110
3P: 90-200-260
4P: 100-240-300

This kitchen's lights are out, and you'll only be able to get a glimpse of the area around every 40 seconds or so. Make sure you and anyone else playing takes a good look at the picture above so you know where everything is beforehand. The only challenge for this level is the lighting problem, and with that being solved with the picture above, you shouldn't have any trouble at all with getting to whichever score you need to earn 3 Stars. Just remember that dishes still need to be washed in the sink.

Level 4-3

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1P: 50-70-90
2P: 60-80-120
3P: 60-140-200
4P: 60-180-240

For the third level, you'll be pleased to know that the lights are back on for good, but the moving countertop gimmick has returned. Only the meat crate, the two stoves, and the one cutting board in the area will move, and they will occasionally rise up to fall in the single-tile spaces between the four "rooms" of the kitchen. While it is technically possible to become stuck on the far left and right sides of the kitchen, it's very hard to do accidentally.

As the moving pieces of the kitchen separate the cooks, they'll have to hand ingredients off to each other to get the job done. You can get 3 Stars with very, very minimal use of a second stove to cook meat, but it'll be a lot safer for you to try to use both to prep as many burgers as possible so your score doesn't linger within 10 of the required score by the end of your four minutes.

Level 4-4

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1P: 50-70-100
2P: 60-80-120
3P: 70-140-200
4P: 80-180-240

It's time for another conveyor belt level. There'll be a conveyor belt leading southward towards a trash can straight down the center of the kitchen, and since it can't be reversed, objects placed on it can only go one way. You'll be working on both pizza and burgers at the same time for this level, and the two small areas that the cooks are trapped in will occasionally move back up and down to accommodate for the fact that both cooks will have to pass stuff to the other at some point.

The cook on the right should immediately cut up meat for burgers and pass them down to the cook on the left; the cook on the left should also get food ready to make a pizza, which they can make almost in its entirely except for the tomatoes. If you agree to, the cook on the right can also send the cook on the left a tomato, or they can just cut the tomato themselves later.

When the kitchen areas move to opposite corners, the cook on the left should have had around enough time to prep two burgers or so, as well as a pizza (with or without tomato). Pass the burgers to the cook on the right if necessary, but make sure you give them the pizza so it can start being baked in the oven, and shortly after the process will begin anew. There are two places that you can turn orders in, so you'll always be able to turn them in by passing orders down south. Make sure you take dirty dishes off of the dirty dish area as soon as you see them because you'll only be able to wash them in the sinks above, and you won't be able to pass dishes upwards at any point.

Onion Cabin 4

The Onion King will finally be impressed with your skills. It's now 2008, and the rumors of the Ever Peckish's return have been proven to be true. You'll have to travel beyond this world to improve even further in preparation for your battle.

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