Overcooked! Walkthrough

5. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 also has four levels, but in very icy areas which might test your patience. The bright side is that the chapter will be over pretty quickly; you'll want it to be over when you start to figure out why icebergs are not proper places to cook food.

Overcooked | Base Game (3 Stars)

Level 3-1

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1P: 50-110-200
2P: 80-120-220
3P: 100-200-320
4P: 100-220-340

The penguins in this level are quite fond of fish and chips, so that's all you'll be cooking. As opposed to pots and pans, you have to fry fish fillets and French fries/chips in the fryers around the southern end of the kitchen counters. What makes this level a lot more challenging than it looks is that the portion of the floor that's made of ice (which is to say, most of it) is pretty slippery, and falling off the iceberg will cost you about five seconds of your time before you respawn. There's not really much else to do in this kitchen except for cutting and immediately frying food, so you don't really need to allocate certain parts of the kitchen to specific players to make things more efficient; just get orders done as fast as you can, but communicate with each other so you know which orders are already being made. Make sure you keep an eye on the dirty dishes that come back every once in a while too. [Editor's note: I found going anti-clockwise whenever possible to be a good way to avoid crossing paths too often and pushing each other off -Prince]

Best Served Cold

Complete a kitchen in the Arctic

Best Served Cold
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Level 3-2

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1P: 40-70-100
2P: 100-140-160
3P: 200-240-280
4P: 220-260-300

This level takes place on another ship, so that means you should expect some countertops to move back and forth with the rocking waves. This time, the three horizontal counters will move while the center stays still at all times. Both sides of the kitchen have pots for each chef to use, and dishes come back clean. It's easy to just dash around the pots when the counters are at one side, so the cooks don't really have to worry too much about being in the right spot when the counters decide to move.

For a general rule of thumb, one cook should be bringing ingredients over to the other chef by placing them on the nearby counter so that the other chef can start cutting them to make soup. When the counters move, follow this same instruction and continue to make soup in the pots that are most useful for you to use at the time. Remember that you can also place ingredients, prepared food, and appliances on top of the ingredient boxes if need be.

Level 3-3

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1P: 100-130-150
2P: 100-200-270
3P: 100-220-320
4P: 100-240-340

More trucks on the road will ask for your cooking expertise for this level. There are two trucks at the bottom of the map, and a third that moves on the top half of the screen. This third truck is where all of the ingredients, conveyor, and returning plates are, so movement for this level is crucial.

Both cooks start off standing on the moving truck, but it'll be stationed by the truck on the right for now. One player should dedicate themselves to frying fish and chips on the truck to the right; this player should also take any of the two ingredients required and immediately start cutting and frying. Since the second cook can't get to the truck with pots on it for now, they should quickly pick up and drop as many ingredients onto the floor/roof of the truck on the right so that the first cook doesn't have to wait for it to come back later. Just leave the ingredients all over the floor and make sure that the second cook stays on the moving truck when it heads over to the left side.

When the left truck and the upper truck meet, the second cook should immediately start pouring soup ingredients onto the floor of the left truck until it's time for the upper truck to move back to the right. With all of these ingredients, the left cook can make several orders of soup without having to pluck more ingredients out of boxes later. When the truck returns to the right, the right cook should turn in any orders they have and leave the clean plates by the conveyor. Leaving the clean plates here will allow them to be used by anyone who needs to use them, as opposed to having both sides keep plates to themselves when the other cook might need them.

In summary, one cook should almost always stay on the truck on the right unless they need more ingredients or have an order to turn in. The cook on the left should dump out as many ingredients onto both of the lower trucks before starting on soup, and clean plates should stay by the conveyor for the convenience of both cooks.

Level 3-4

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1P: 60-100-170
2P: 60-120-180
3P: 100-160-220
4P: 120-180-240

The last level of the chapter takes you back to the icy depths. The kitchen is split into three areas: the left side, the right side, and the middle. Chunks of ice float through the river in the middle, and you'll have to run across these to move from side to side. Fortunately, this level is actually pretty simple to earn three stars on. Both cooks should just focus on doing whatever orders need to be done and communicate vocally with each other (if not playing by yourself) to prevent yourselves from doing the same order twice. The only tip you should really take into this level is that falling into the river costs you five seconds of respawn time, so to avoid losing any labor, do your absolute best not to fall in. Maneuvering the ice will only become more difficult in late-game stages.

Onion Cabin 3

By the time you talk with the Onion King at the end of this chapter, it will already be 2002. He's impressed by your improvement, but has also heard rumors of the Ever Peckish returning. He directs you to head north into a forbidden territory before wishing you luck and sending you on your way.

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