Overcooked! Walkthrough

4. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is almost twice as short as Chapter 1, coming in at only four levels before you reach the second Onion Cabin.

Overcooked | Base Game (3 Stars)

Level 2-1

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1P: 50-100-180
2P: 60-120-240
3P: 60-140-260
4P: 80-160-300

The first level of Chapter 2 is a lot different than the levels you've seen so far. You'll be cooking in/on top of two trucks driving along the road, and it'll be really obvious how you should split the work. Someone should stay on the upper truck at all times, watching the meat cook and putting buns on the plates when they have the time to. Dishes come back clean here, so the upper cook can basically ride this truck for the entire game. The lower cook can cut meat and vegetables the whole time and bring them up to the upper truck whenever the upper cook is busy, or the upper cook can grab the cut ingredients if they're free instead.

Meals on Wheels

Complete a kitchen on the road

Meals on Wheels
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Level 2-2

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1P: 40-90-160
2P: 60-120-200
3P: 60-120-250
4P: 60-160-270

This kitchen is a lot more stable, and you'll only be cooking soup, but the problem here is that rats will pop out to steal anything laying on the counters for too long. Any ingredient that's cut or uncut is a potential victim for theft, so try not to leave anything out for too long. Food inside the pots and orders on plates are safe, but you shouldn't be leaving a finished order on the counters for so long anyway if you can just turn it in. You can swat away rats by hitting them with the prompt given on-screen, but it's very precise, and it'd be a lot easier for you to just pick food up so they scurry back to their holes empty-handed.

You should split kitchen duties straight down the middle of the stage. Since there are onion boxes on both sides, both cooks can do onion dishes, and the respective cooks can make tomato and mushroom soup when the orders arise. This might be the first instance where you'll really want to use cn_O (if you're using separate controllers) to dash forwards, because you're going to want to take your ingredient and run over to the same cutting table on your side. There are sinks on both sides of the kitchen, so whoever has more time should wash the dishes when they can. With four people, you can have two cooks in the center of the kitchen cutting ingredients, and the other cooks can work on the pots and hand ingredients over to the center.

Level 2-3

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1P: 40-70-120
2P: 60-100-180
3P: 60-110-220
4P: 60-120-240

The third level in Chapter 4 involves a kitchen surrounded by conveyor belts. The two cooks (or up to four, of course) are split between two halves of the kitchen, and the only way to pass food and other materials to each other is by placing it on the conveyor belt and hoping the other player picks it up in time. You have two chances to pick up an item: the first is when it first reaches your side, and the second is when it starts to return back to the side it came from, so look to the north and south ends of the kitchen for anything you need to take.

The cook on the left should immediately pass some meat to the cook on the right by putting a few chunks of it on the northern end of their part of the conveyor. Then pick them up and cook them, and start sending vegetables over to the right side so they can chop those up for you. When a burger is done, send it back over to the right side so the cook there can turn it in. Watch out for any dirty dishes that the right side sends you, as you'll have to wash them in the sink behind you. Once you've got a good system going, feel free to put a bunch of ingredients on the conveyor so that the right cook can pick up whatever they need to at a moment's notice; don't clutter things up too much though, or else finished orders and dirty plates might not be able to find a place on the conveyor.

After cutting the initial pieces of meat that pass by, make sure the cook on the right passes them back as soon as possible so they can start being heated. The right cook has to do all of the cutting, so the meal output really hangs on their speed of cutting and sending food back to the left side. If the players involved agree on it, send the plates back to the cook on the left. If they have the plates, then they can send completely ready-to-go orders back so they don't have to be plated by the right cook. Keep an eye out for dirty plates that pile up by the conveyor and send them back to the left side of the kitchen as soon as you can.

Level 2-4

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1P: 40-60-110
2P: 60-90-160
3P: 60-140-200
4P: 120-160-220

The kitchen is split in half again, and you both have a side to manage. There are two conveyor belts in the middle that move to the left and right towards trash cans, so the cooks will have to exchange their stuff really quickly. The bottom cook has to pass a bunch of meat to the north so it can be cut up as soon as possible, and it then has to be sent back to be cooked. This setup is nearly identical to the previous level; one cook will have to cut and turn in orders, and the other has to send the ingredients to be cut, cook the meat, and wash the dishes.

Onion Cabin 2

The year is now 1999 by the end of this chapter. You've made a lot of progress in the city, but now it's time to hone your skills in more testing environments.

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