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10. DLC: The Lost Morsel

This DLC is usually on sale for $5 USD, and comes with no trophies, but has six new levels to play if you decide to go for it. There aren't any star requirements for levels, as that would be pretty tedious with only six levels to unlock, but you can find the same kind of info on these levels as you would any other level from the base game. Feel free to use this different playlist to reach 3 Star videos for these levels if you would prefer to see how you could get the proper score instead of reading about it.

Overcooked | The Lost Morsel (3 Stars)

Intro Onion House

The Onion King's time portal screwed up and brought you all way further back in time than he was thinking you'd be sent to. As a warning, he hopes that you've already beaten the main game so that the challenges ahead aren't overly difficult for you. You can use Kevin's helicopter to get around.

That's all there is for this DLC in terms of story. You're just here. But it's safe to assume nobody bought this DLC for the story; most people buy it for the dinosaur chef you can unlock anyway, so let's get started on the levels.

Level 1-1

External image

1P: 40-70-90
2P: 60-80-110
3P: 70-140-170
4P: 80-150-200

The first level in the jungle is another burrito match. There's rice on the lower half of the kitchen, with the rest above, but the cutting board is also on the lower half. The lower cook can cook rice by themselves, but they'll also have to cut meat given to them by the upper cook. There are also two singular countertop squares to the left or right of where the cooks start out, connecting the central conveyor belt to the countertop lines in each cook's area. These move left and right from time to time and will push you out if you're near the conveyor belt; this is particularly a problem when you're trying to take an item off of the belt. Both cooks can turn in orders, but the only sink is on the lower half, so the dishes will have to go on the belt too.

Level 1-2

External image

1P: 60-80-160
2P: 60-120-180
3P: 80-180-220
4P: 100-200-300

The trick for the second level is that pushing the switch moves the center countertop strip to the left and right, which puts a stove out of reach for a time being. This would be hard, but you can do something a lot simpler instead of worrying about that. Have the left cook take the pan in front of them and give it to the cook on the right, then have the cook on the right go to their upper half of the kitchen. Then press the switch, blocking them off in there and allowing the left cook to have full access to ingredients and a cutting board.

Immediately send prepared meat over to the cook on the right so it can start grilling. The key to this is that having two pans lets you swap out cooked meat for raw meat very quickly without having to wait on a bun or plate, so you can let a cooked patty sit while another one is on the stove. The cook on the left, once the meat is cooking and stocked up, can then cut up whatever vegetables are needed, as well as a few more for more incoming orders that haven't appeared yet. Buns require no work, so the main focus is making sure the cook on the right has enough cut meat to keep themselves busy the whole time as the left cook is almost always prepping ingredients. The right cook also has to wash dirty dishes, which can easily be done thanks to the amount of downtime they'll have.

Level 1-3

External image

1P: 40-100-160
2P: 60-130-200
3P: 70-160-300
4P: 100-180-340

This level is really easy. All of your ingredients will come from the conveyor belts to the side of the kitchen and, with lots of pots, you shouldn't have trouble making any soup orders. Don't forget that you can take ingredients and turn them into prepped soup orders before they're actually needed so you can turn it in as soon as the order comes in. Since you can do this, you may as well grab as many ingredients off the conveyor belts as you can to push soup output to the max.

Level 1-4

External image

1P: 50-70-100
2P: 60-100-160
3P: 70-140-200
4P: 80-150-260

Your fourth jungle expedition will be a bit more dangerous. It uses a traditional split in resources, with ingredients and cutting boards on the left and the stoves on the right. The cook on the left should cut everything and put it on the counters to the far edge where the plates originally are on the kitchen's default design. To make some space, the right cook should move the plates to the counter spaces around the stove. They'll be watching over the stoves and turning in orders at all times, if not to clean plates every once in a while.

Communicate to figure out which ingredients are needed, and then get them prepared. The cook on the left, if following the advice above, will have to contend with fireballs that fire from east to west. Let the plate cleaning fall to the cook on the right; they'll have a lot of spare time as their meat cooks or they wait for more ingredients to be cut. The two problems that arise from cleaning dishes is that you're in the direct path of fireballs, and you're preventing your partner(s) from using the same alley to get across. Both issues are resolved by ducking into the small opening opposite the sink.

Level 1-5

External image

1P: 40-70-90
2P: 60-100-120
3P: 80-120-160
4P: 80-140-190

Level 1-5 has pressure switches on it, just like a few of the levels in Chapter 5 of the base game. All three ingredients and the kitchen sink are blocked behind giant totems that will sink in the ground if the opposite switch is active. The best strategy for collecting ingredients would be to place them all over the nearby countertops, except save one space open so you can move ingredients back and forth to be cut. You can also drop three or four of an ingredient on the ground too, so you can have a total of nine at your disposal. Do this for all three ingredients and you'll basically be set for the level, or at least a very good chunk of it.

The cook on the right will have to clean all the dishes themselves, so they'll have to be passed to them and passed back when they're clean so more orders can be turned in. Additionally, the two sides of the kitchen won't be able to pass things to each other aside from the two spots in the center. This calls for some proper communication so the counter space can be utilized most efficiently. You might want to try putting an empty pot on the middle area until it's full of three ingredients, then start heating it up. That way the three ingredients won't have to be individually carried by both people, and those three movements are replaced by a single replacement of the pot back to the stove.

Level 1-6

External image

1P: 40-60-100
2P: 60-120-150
3P: 80-140-230
4P: 100-180-250

Time for the last level. Take a look at the picture above and notice where the cutting table and pizza oven are. The gimmick for this level is that they'll move underground every once in a while and reappear a few seconds later in different spots. Now look for the four one-tile holes in the countertops; ignore the large one at the bottom right corner and remember those four other holes. The cutting table and pizza oven will reappear in those spaces in that order, in a clockwise fashion.

Earning 3 Stars here is unusually difficult, so there are a few strategies that you can use to make the best of your time. Get some pizza dough prepped first, and lay them out over the counter above the tomato box. Since every pizza needs cheese and tomato, have the "secondary cook" (Cook 2) cut up the tomatoes and cheese and place them on the dough. If a pizza needs sausage or mushrooms, then Cook 1, the primary cook, should cut those up and get those on the pizzas that need them. Cook 1 should be the one turning pizzas in, and Cook 2 should wash the dirty dishes and put them back on the counter in their default position. Only if there's free time should Cook 1 work on tomatoes and cheese with Cook 2.

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