1. Overcooked! Walkthrough Overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for Overcooked, a game known for focusing on couch co-op as opposed to online multiplayer. For most trophies, you just need to get through the game, but for a completion you'll need to earn 3 Stars on every level. There are two more miscellaneous trophies, but you can get those at nearly any time you feel like it. Unless you're extremely good at multitasking, you probably won't be able to finish all of the required levels with a 3 Star score by yourself, so it's recommended that you find a partner or friend to play this game with. There are a lot of useful tips on the following page; please don't skip them, as they can really improve your scores if followed correctly.

Videos are provided on each page covering the actual levels themselves for your convenience. Overcooked's 3 Star requirements vary depending on how many active players there are, and the videos are footage of two-player co-op, but the strategies used should be easy to adapt to three- or four-player co-op if need be. All score requirement variations are listed for each level as well.

There are two DLC packs for this game, none of which contain any new trophies. The Festive Seasoning DLC is free, whereas The Lost Morsel usually goes for about $5USD. If you're interested in earning 3 Stars on the DLC levels, you can find what you're looking for in this walkthrough too.

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