Orc Slayer

Orc Slayer

PlayStation 4

Orc Slayer Trophies

Most Earned

Boom headshot.
Boom headshot.30TrophyTypeSlay an Orc With a shot to the Head.
Knee Deep in the dead.
Knee Deep in the dead.15TrophyTypeSlay 50 Orcs In One Level.
Let the revenge begin.
Let the revenge begin.15TrophyTypeCompleted Level 1
Mulchered.15TrophyTypeCompleted Level 2.

Least Earned

Platinum Slayer.
Platinum Slayer.192TrophyTypeIf you were an Orc, you'd be dead.
The dead should stay dead.
The dead should stay dead.96TrophyTypeSlay the Necromancer.
Legendary Slayer.
Legendary Slayer.96TrophyTypeCompleted Level 13.
Dem Bones.
Dem Bones.32TrophyTypeSlay 30 Orc Skeletons.
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NA Playstation Store Update: July 22nd, 2016

This week's new content lets players be whoever they want to be. Pick a new career because the choices are many: ninja, astronaut, racer, spy, hunter, or even a god.

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