Operation7 Revolution

PlayStation 4

Operation7 Revolution Trophies

Most Earned

Last Shot
Last Shot15TrophyTypeKill enemy with last bullet in a magazine(excluding guard-part under). Achieved 1 kill
Hide Well
Hide Well18TrophyTypeGet killed while standing up. Achieved 100 death
AR Master
AR Master19TrophyTypeUse AR to kill. Achieved 100 kill
The Eyes Of Hawk
The Eyes Of Hawk20TrophyTypeKill by aim shot. Achieved 100 kill

Least Earned

Platinum275TrophyTypeAchieve all the trophies.
Reliable Helper
Reliable Helper22TrophyType10 assists per game. Achieved 30 times
Blind Shell
Blind Shell22TrophyTypeCommit suicide with a grenade launcher. Achieved 100 death
Winner's Supper
Winner's Supper22TrophyTypeTo win the game. Achieved 100 times
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